Trotter & Morton Finds Successful Construction Management Solution

Using Vista

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In 1927, Trotter & Morton began its journey as a plumbing and heating company with a pioneering spirit. In the following years, and through a lot of hard work, our people have helped bring life to some of Alberta’s most iconic projects.

Today, the Trotter & Morton Group of Companies continue as a diverse group of building trades experts. We offer a unique integrated solution for our client—beginning with site demolition and preparation, advancing through all aspects of construction, and continuing after the build with ongoing maintenance. Trotter & Morton is comprised of 7 arms: Blue Bird, Whaler, Rambler, PCI, Precision, Facility Services and Building Technologies.

Viewpoint is very intuitive and easy to learn which makes training that much easier.

— Nicholas Downie, Assistant Controller

Viewpoint Success

Trotter & Morton began to evaluate leading software companies based on functionality and IT requirements post implementation. The decision became clear after an intense vetting process Viewpoint was the best solution. The deciding factors were the ease of use and the Windows functionality and folder structure which in turn will simplify training and adaption. Trotter and Morton’s adaption to Viewpoint has been seamless with the ease and familiarity of all the forms while integrating easily with all of their windows programs. They have seen a creditable increase in productivity as well as reporting abilities which is saving man hours and is making the business more efficient as a whole. Trotter is also saving from the costly upkeep of their past system as well as the intuitive reports and custom report maker to extract the key information to keep the projects statuses on time and accurate.

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