RAEL Sees Improved Efficiencies and Customer Support with Vista™ by Viewpoint

Using Vista, Viewpoint Construction Estimating Software

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RAEL Automatic Sprinkler Company, Inc. is a third generation full service fire protection company. After nearly 80 years of uninterrupted service, RAEL is one of the most trusted names in the fire protection installation industry. RAEL is design-oriented to create solutions for projects utilizing the most technologically advanced and cost-effective methods. To that end, the company employs the latest design and installation technologies in order to remain at the leading edge of the fire protection industry.

Viewpoint is a great solid company that does not rest on its legacy code as do some of its competitors in the market. This makes Viewpoint a great long term investment.

— David Mulligan, VP Project Engineering/IT Manager

RAEL began a search for a software solution to replace its system that was providing limited inventory and job cost capabilities that were negatively impacting the business. It was determined the company needed a robust solution they would not outgrow and would meet the needs of the entire organization.

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Vista by Viewpoint offers advanced technology, a configurable user interface, and broad application features – making it RAEL’s clear choice. RAEL has reaped significant benefits from this complete offering of project management, service management, and field mobile applications. The contractor has many different business units that include inspection, installation, and repair that operate in different workflows, but now use the same solution. Viewpoint’s software provides visibility throughout RAEL’s operations while improving overall efficiencies and customer service.

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download case study pdf
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