Lehman Roberts Company Experiences Outstanding Customer Support as an Integral Part of their Software Implementation

Using Vista

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Lehman Roberts Company, a Heavy Highway contractor based in Memphis, TN since 1939 switched to Vista™ by Viewpoint in 2010 from a legacy system that had been implemented in the 1980’s. Focusing on large, complex paving and road building projects, the need to upgrade to an integrated, contemporary software solution was essential to stay on top of the rapidly shifting and changing heavy highway business requirements.

With Viewpoint, there are no bad questions. I’m always very impressed with the team’s patience and the insistence on putting the customer first.

— Patrick Nelson, Vice President

As Lehman Roberts Company learned, implementing new software is only half the battle. “Having worked on such an antiquated system for so long, the computer proficiency here was reasonably behind,” explained Lehman Roberts Vice President, Patrick Nelson. “We naturally had some basic and simple questions to get the team up to speed.”

Every question is a smart question

After transitioning to Vista from the old legacy system, Lehman Roberts Company had roughly 30 users working daily on the new software. As Nelson explained, many of those users had some questions that other vendors might consider “silly.” Viewpoint Construction Software was able to answer seemingly obvious and simple questions nearly every day as the transition to the new ERP system progressed. Nelson declared, “With Viewpoint, there are no bad questions. I’m always very impressed with the team’s patience and the insistence on putting the customer first.” He added, “Other vendors say, ‘There’s no problem with the software, the problem is with your user.’ Not Viewpoint – they analyze the issue and address it quickly.” It’s this level of assistance and comfort that Lehman Roberts Company strongly believes is the reason their users feel so confident calling support with any question or issue.

Urgent needs get an urgent response

Lehman Roberts Company is used to responding quickly to situations that need immediate attention and they rightfully expect that of their partners and vendors. An issue developed around submitting a required W2 form to the state of Arkansas. Even though the problem was not a result of a software glitch, Nelson was extremely pleased with the response he received from Viewpoint Customer Support when he called. “The issue was time sensitive and although it had nothing to do with the software, Viewpoint Support walked me through resolving the issue based on experience helping other customers. They truly went above and beyond.”

All in a day’s work

A similar situation occurred when Nelson was initializing crew on payroll. The software query wouldn’t pull certified payroll for the whole crew at one time on a custom report so Nelson contacted Viewpoint for help. Viewpoint helped identify the problem with the custom report and suggested using the standard report available with the software since it would work fine for what he was trying to accomplish. “With the time-sensitive nature of the situation, the same day response made me a big fan,” Nelson said with enthusiasm.

Support delivers

Lehman Roberts Company’s upgrade to Vista™ by Viewpoint has been a positive experience from the day the decision to purchase was made. In addition to the benefits of an integrated software solution on productivity and project management, Lehman Roberts received a smooth implementation combined with spot-on customer support. Nelson summarized by stating, “I’ve had several people ask me about Viewpoint and I always recommend them first.”

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download case study pdf
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