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Learn how Peachtree City, Georgia-based FitzGerald & Sons Plumbing Company saves time, simplifies workflow, and prepares more winning bids with Viewpoint Estimating.

Some of the benefits we have with Viewpoint's Estimating product is that its very accurate; it gives you a scientific way of breaking everything down... the hours, the labor and the materials. The estimating program reduces errors, it reduces our time.

— John Zeppa, Estimator

My name is John Zeppa and I've been with FitzGerald and Sons Plumbing for 15 years. Having the estimating product, some of the benefits that we have it's very accurate. It gives you a scientific way of breaking everything down, the hours, the labor, the materials, and giving you a number that's accurate. You can manipulate it from there. I like that also. There're lots of ways to manipulate it. You can do it within the take off itself. You can do it afterward on the summary sheet when you're putting your bid together. You can adjust labor. You can adjust materials and products, and it just gives us flexibility. The estimating program reduces errors, it reduces our time but the errors. It can build assemblies and what it does is it puts all these parts and pieces together so you can just hit one button, and it puts a big part together and you don't have to go through and make sure every time you have all these pieces included. It's all included in this one button type of a thing. It helps me reduce errors that way. I think having attached items to items you don't forget to put them in, and you don't miss them. They're all included. So, when you get done you not just talk about pipe and fittings but you getting down to details of loss and solder and that sort of thing. Nitrogen things that are used to complete the project that you don't necessary look at on the outside.

When we build a certain part, if it's identical to another part or if you can use it. A certain take part of that take off you just did you might be able to use it in three or four different places on different levels, and all you have to do is hit the button each time, and you've got all of those done you don't have to retake them off. And sometimes there might just be minor changes you can take it off and then switch a few things to make that area complete.

So it saves time that way. You don't have to get your calculator out for a lot of the stuff. It has all the numbers, the prices in it. It just calculates for you.

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