Haldeman Homme switched from Timberline to Vista

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Haldeman Homme turns to Vista to power its growth

Hear from Chris Betlach, IT Director at Haldeman-Homme, Inc, and others about how with Vista by Viewpoint their organization gets the real-time data they need to better manage the company.

Haldeman-Homme, Inc. (HHI) is a GC/specialty contractor based in Minneapolis, Minn. They are a leading supplier to education, healthcare, industrial, government and corporate markets and a full-service supplier of quality products, as well as design, construction, project management, installation and service.

With Vista, we're able to have the real-time data that we need to better manage our company, where we're able to trend historical data and then also forecast future business using the different modules within Vista.

— Chris Betlach, IT Director

HHI turned to Vista™ by Viewpoint, which provided a complete construction ERP solution that was easy to use and customizable to fit the company’s specific needs.

Chris Betlach, HHI’s IT Director, noted that there was a strong need for a program that was very project management focused—one that could be accessed anywhere from the field remotely, and that seamlessly integrated into other systems, like accounting. The goal was to tear down the walls between departments using different systems and data sets and instead create a true collaborative environment with the office, team and field all working together, and with the same information. The company also needed a system to streamline processes that were eating up valuable time—both in the back office and field—and had the ability to easily create specific, detailed reports via Microsoft SQL. Vista, Betlach said, not only provided the functionality HHI needed, but proved to be a scalable construction software solution that allows the company to grow dynamically.

All of the company’s contracts and job costing information now live in Vista and the software shares data between accounting, estimating, project management, sales and other departments—removing departmental silos and creating a one-stop construction management solution for the company to work from.

Customization and flexibility in the software was a key requirement when HHI looked at various construction software packages, Betlach said. And Viewpoint delivered. HHI is now able to add custom fields or rename fields within Vista to fit with HHI’s business needs. This allows the company to use the software without having to alter the way it does business. Further customizations let HHI store additional information to user databases, yet all data remains completely integrated throughout Vista.

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