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Using Viewpoint Construction Estimating Software

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Glade Plumbing and Piping Company has reaped the benefits of Viewpoint Construction.

Software's estimating solutions for two decades. After pricing and testing a number of different software solutions, the Illinois-based company chose Viewpoint's software because it was similar to their previous manual methods but provided unprecedented accuracy.

Customer service techs have been available and very knowledgeable and helpful anytime we have needed them. Sales personnel have always been very courteous and never pushy — something that is very important to us.

— Tom Cooke, President

“I came to our company in 1990 when takeoff meant using a ruler, a pad of paper to count fittings and list other material expenses, and a calculator to multiply each and every material item and labor hour by the corresponding unit price,” Glade President Tom Cooke says. “This took a long time and the opportunity for error was very high. We can estimate projects in a fraction of the time and with much greater accuracy than when we were doing takeoff manually.”

Viewpoint’s ease-of-use has not diminished over the years.

“Viewpoint’s MEP Estimating is logical, easy to use, and was easy to learn,” Cooke says. “My son joined our company in 2015 with little estimating experience. After attending a training class, he picked it up right away and is estimating daily for our company.”

Cooke says the software ensures both accuracy and a streamlined workfl ow. After summarizing material and labor in a format that allows Glade Plumbing to perform takeoff quickly, the company is able to provide that information to vendors for pricing while continuing to summarize labor and miscellaneous expenses.

“Additionally, while vendors are pricing material, we are able to work on subcontractor pricing and any other items, allowing us to be ready to plug material pricing into the final bid and send out the quote,” Cooke says.

Glade Plumbing sees the most time and cost savings through the software’s summaries capability.

“This part of the estimate process, when doing takeoff manually, was very time consuming and filled with the possibility of errors,” Cooke says. “Our software addresses both of these issues and saves us an amazing amount of time.”

While Viewpoint’s software has saved Cooke and his company time and potentially costly errors, he says their experience with Viewpoint’s customer service has also been a highlight of their two-decade relationship.

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download case study pdf
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