ENR 400 Contractor Hoar Construction Trusts Viewpoint as its Long-Term Technology Partner

Using Vista

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For 75 years Hoar Construction has focused on doing the right thing the right way, to live up to its tagline, “Let’s build something better.” That commitment has helped the rapidly growing contractor, based in Birmingham, Alabama, become an ENR 400 firm, and led them to search for an ERP solution that would accommodate their needs into the future as demands grew. Hoar also desired a technology partner that values innovation, listens to customers’ interests and concerns, and is fully dedicated to the construction industry.

All of our reports are better and easier to run now. Our back office accounting is more streamlined. We anticipate continued improvements such as reduced back office personnel expense by $100k per year.

Paul Walker, Vice President of Information Technology

Evaluating Options

The evaluation process for a new technology and partner was extensive, explains Paul Walker, Hoar’s Vice President of Information Technology: “It was important for us to find a software partner that can meet our technological challenges, is forward-thinking, and meshes well with our company culture. We interviewed many with cultures that simply did not align with ours.”

Tangible Trust

According to Walker, Hoar chose Viewpoint after realizing the company provided the best overall software value based on functionality and flexibility, noting examples including:

  • The system proved easy to use; in fact, its even simple to adjust standard reports in the Viewpoint solution to best meet Hoar’s specific needs.
  • The unified solution integrates accounting, content management, and other critical business programs such as Microsoft Office and custom-built applications.

Trust in the company reinforced the construction company’s selection, as Walker explained:

  • Viewpoint’s CEO took the time to meet face-to-face via teleconference.
  • Personal conversations increased Hoar’s comfort level with Viewpoint’s sustainability and capacity as a long-term technology partner.
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download case study pdf
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