Delnor Improves Collaboration to Increase Project Control and Cut Costs

Using Vista

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Delnor, a leading general contractor listed on the 2015 Canadian Construction Leaders list, was founded in 1983 and provides professional commercial construction services across Alberta & Interior BC. Delnor’s longstanding reputation is founded on providing quality workmanship while maintaining a constant focus and commitment to the relationships formed in the community and industry.

We used to create separate reports for our insurance and bonding companies each month that took valuable time and resources. Now, Vista creates and sends a notification to these companies letting them know all the information they need is available - we don't even know it is happening.

— Glennn Cyrankiewicz, CEO

Delnor recognized the need for a new software solution as access to critical data was delayed and cumbersome to collect from teams across the organization. Accounting and Project Management were working in isolation and a unified and integrated solution was needed to ensure teams were working collaboratively and that information was easily shared. With the company’s previous solution, it could take up to 4 weeks to deliver job costing data, leaving project managers with little to no information on whether their projects were on budget. It became critical to help ensure project managers could readily see where the labor and supply costs were on a job to help support course correction and faster, better decision making.

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Delnor’s previous accounting system resulted in paper intensive processes and the need for multiple reports to be generated and printed. Now with Vista by Viewpoint, key processes and workflows are electronic, and standardized, and customized reports are easily created and shared both internally and externally. “We’ve streamlined our auditing process by having everything electronically in one unified system,” said Joel Ramer, CFO at Delnor. “Our operations team now has the ability, at any location, to access the information they need. The system now has the flexibility to adapt to the way that we do business.”

Since using Vista, Delnor also has tighter controls around change and subcontract management. Project managers can now integrate change management and subcontract management against committed costs, reducing the risk of overpayment. Also, since invoices can be created faster and sent out in a timely manner (hours vs. days), Delnor is getting paid faster and seeing improved project cash flow.

“Partnering with Viewpoint has been a very positive experience and our relationship is one of the best we have with any of our software vendors,” concluded Ramer. “Viewpoint’s responsiveness and attention to detail has been incredibly positive. The partnership has allowed us to grow and take on projects of increasing complexity.”

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download case study pdf
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