Building an Enduring Construction Organization – Planning for Tomorrow by Being Best in Class AND Innovative

Presenter: Gregg Schoppman, FMI

As construction firms build their projects, how much time is given to building a successful organization? With a concrete vision, firms tend to languish in the details of getting traction with their plan. In some cases, the strategy is overly laden with “hygienic factors” that focus on shoring up glaring weaknesses or broken processes, which tend to take on the appearance of the mundane and remedial. Other plans become fixated on the bright shiny objects – new markets, new customers, new worlds – and ignore the “blocking and tackling” for the sake of exciting new opportunities. Strategic planning requires a delicate balance of internal and external fact-based criteria to move any firm forward. Hygiene and innovation must balance one another to ensure not only the stable foundation but also a firm that is proactive, forward thinking and a true leader in the market and industry.

Within this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Examine the differences in hygiene and innovation
  • Observe how firms can stimulate innovative thinking at all levels of the organization
  • Understand the role of management and accountability in stimulating or stifling creative and strategic thinking
  • Determine the right balance of time when working on the business and within the business