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Assess your own performance against our customers and reveal benchmarks for your 2021 strategy.

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Viewpoint’s team of data scientists designed the first Quarterly Construction Metrics Index—to bring you construction specific trends as early as possible so you can get ahead ASAP.

Specialty contractors maintained net positive employment throughout 2020, including in the fourth quarter, which saw a +.7% gain. This could be attributed to their ability to do projects backlogged by general contractors

Data From 1,000+ Viewpoint Customers

The index includes real-time, anonymized data from roughly 1,000 Viewpoint customers to help you better understand the current construction landscape and reveal your benchmarks.

Every region’s net hiring was down when looked at in aggregate for 2020, particularly for the fourth quarter; however, hiring differed by region depending on when the pandemic surged throughout the U.S.

Trends for the Last Quarter in 2020 Revealed

Pull back the curtain on recent trends—strategize for the rest of the quarter and year. The more you know, the more you can plan and grow. The earlier you can plan, the faster you can implement your goals and see results.

How Does Your Organization Compare to Industry Averages?

You’ll find out when you assess your own performance and make better, data-driven decisions in 2021.


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