Software for Civil Construction

All road projects lead to a different destination.

Get construction software that gets everyone right where they want to be—on the road to success.

Civil Contractors Face Many Challenges

What are they and what can be done to resolve these issues?

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Capture Accurate Costs

From the field to the office, leverage a solution that accurately captures and calculates true unit costs to gain better visibility into WIP and generate forecasts. Achieve more accurate bidding so you gain more control over costs and improve your margins.

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Equipment Management

A solution that is specifically designed for heavy highway and civil contractors so you can maximise equipment utilisation and production. Make it easy to identify the optimal time to sell owned equipment and maximise your equipment up-time with tracking, preventative maintenance schedules and warranty extension alerts.

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Support Multiple Profit Centers

Track daily job cost and real-time over/under productivity to keep projects on budget and schedule. A solution that offers flexibility to support different pricing scenarios with the ability to issue intercompany billing.

Overcoming Issues Facing Civil Contractors

Common issues that plague Civil Contractors can be solved in uncommon ways. You can gain access to accurate date, streamline people management and estimate job cost in real-time with software built for the construction industry.

Real Data in Real-Time

Viewpoint offers real-time business intelligence and dashboards to easily analyse productivity and profitability. Best-practices or customise processes for data collection and site activities to gain real visibility into the field and jobsite status.

Manage People and Projects

Keep track of your human resources processes, including subcontractors, job site safety and industry standards by adding a digital solution that houses employee time and safety certifications in one place.

Financial Management for a Better Bottom Line

Connect estimating to accounting and workflow for far more accurate job costing and execution. Accurate financial outcome equals happy clients.

Why You’ll Love Viewpoint Construction Software

Viewpoint’s software solutions were developed for the civil construction industry. Learn how Viewpoint construction software can help you move away from common issues and get closer to higher profits.

All-in-One Construction Software Suite

Hosted in the cloud, ViewpointOne combines the industry’s best construction enterprise resource planning (ERP) offerings with our Team and Field products, giving you an integrated and flexible system for managing operations, improving productivity and enabling better decision making.

Reduce HR Burdens

Viewpoint HR Management™ improves productivity by giving your construction organisation the ability to better manage your field and office employees through highly efficient processes – taking the burden off your strapped HR team.

Collaborative Construction Accounting

Viewpoint Financial Controls™ allows construction companies to achieve real-time collaboration between their accounting and operations teams without hidden expenses, hassle and data mapping issues that are common with third-party integrations. Project managers and operations get access to AP review, purchasing and job billing information and workflow from your ERP in real-time from a mobile device.

Field-to-Office Data Integration

Viewpoint Field Management™ puts real-time, easy-to-use capabilities for labor time & production unit capture, PO and material requisition, training, huddles, equipment management and more into the hands of field personnel in a responsively designed web app that’s usable on virtually any mobile device.