Reporting for Construction

Turn data into significant, useful information.

What was once useless data can be turned into meaningful reports. What was hard to reach is now at your fingertips.

What’s Keeping Data From Turning Into Meaningful Reports?

Limited access to data and not knowing whether or not information is accurate can cause false reporting and poor decision making.

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Inaccessible Data

With manual processes and outdated software, it is difficult (if not impossible) to see up-to-date data-making reporting and analytics tough.

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Information Isn’t Useful

Without being able to see data in formats that make sense, it is often difficult to figure out how to use and present data. So, what could be meaningful information gets dismissed.

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Data Can’t Be Distributed

Without access to data in real-time, distributing data to the right people at the right time can be a challenge. Data is constantly changing, so data may have to be updated and distributed, manually. Also, with proper security settings, data distribution can be a threat.

Making Meaningful Decisions with Meaningful Data and Reporting

What was once useless data can be turned into meaningful reports that can improve your construction organisation’s decision-making process – saving time and improving profitability with modern ERP software.

Get Data You Need When You Need it

With Viewpoint Construction software, a flexible reporting structure allows you to monitor aspects of your business such as job profit trends, change order status, billing, bids-in real-time.

Make Information Useful

Modern software gives you the ability to turn large data sets into information that fulfills your organisation’s needs. Choose from Viewpoint’s pre-built reports or create your own. From tracking trends to change order status, see and use information your way.

Efficiently and Securely Distribute Data

However data needs to be presented, Viewpoint construction software allows you to create charts, graphs and various reports. Distribute reports by mass mail or allow limited and restricted access to confidential data such as payroll.

We needed flexibility in reporting, which we now have, and we also wanted a system that was integrated between finance and operations – we have that now as well.
– Manny Machado, Solutions Delivery Manager, Bird Construction

Grow Your Business with Top-Notch Reporting from Viewpoint Construction Software

Construction software to help take your business to the next level. Get real-time data for contingency planning, forecasting and tracking. 

All-in-One Construction Software Suite

Hosted in the cloud, ViewpointOne combines the industry’s best construction enterprise resource planning (ERP) offerings with our Team and Field products, giving you an integrated system for managing operations, improving productivity and making better decisions..

Field-to-Office Data Integration

Viewpoint Field Management™ puts real-time, easy-to-use capabilities for labor time & production unit capture, PO and material requisition, training, huddles, equipment management and more into the hands of field personnel in a responsively designed web app that’s usable on virtually any mobile device.

Collaborative Construction Accounting

Viewpoint Financial Controls™ allows construction companies to achieve collaboration between their accounting and operations teams without hidden expenses, hassle and data mapping issues that are common with third-party integrations. Project managers and operations get access to AP review, purchasing, job billing and workflow from your ERP in real-time from a mobile device. 

Reduce HR Burdens

Viewpoint HR Management™ improves productivity by giving your construction organisation the ability to better manage your field and office employees through highly efficient processes — taking the burden off your strapped HR team.