Construction Project controls

Regain control of projects with realtime data for on-time, under budget delivery

The ViewpointOne construction management suite helps controllers and project managers stay on top of their projects by gathering and housing all project-related data, helping you identify issues early to keep profitable and on track.

What project issues do controllers face daily?

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Identifying Cost Overruns Causes

Lack of access to timely project data makes it difficult to analyse issues early, before cost overruns happen.

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Forecasting Costs Accuracy at Completion

Without simple, fast access to historic details or realtime data as a project progresses, it’s difficult to forecast what costs — and profits — will be at the completion of a project.

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Risks to the Critical Path Schedule

Without the ability to automatically assign, track and resolve items, it’s difficult to identify project risks that may ultimately result in a change event.

Keep Projects On-time & Under Budget With Realtime Data to Identify Necessary Course Corrections

Viewpoint helps controllers and project managers detect problems early with simple, fast access to historic project details or realtime data as a project progresses, letting you make the right changes to keep the project profitable and on course.

Gather & Analyse Realtime Project Data

No more over-budget projects or surprises. ViewpointOne enables builders to see project progress in realtime so they always know where they stand. Integration between solutions, advanced reporting and mobile access deliver improved visibility and control from any location at any time.

Measure & Forecast Project Outcomes

Predicting project outcomes is easier, more accurate and more profitable when backed by real, updated construction data. Gain fast access to updated project financials as a project progresses and use that data for gaining an edge on forecasting project results.

Win More Work with A Proven Track Record

With the overarching view of the business that the ViewpointOne suite provides, project managers can simply focus on getting work done on-time, with quality and under budget. That track record of success begets customer confidence and new work.

Dominate Your Project Controls

Viewpoint's project controls solutions automate all aspects of the project lifecycle by managing job costs, risks and overruns. Let's talk before your next job.

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