Construction Document Control

Viewpoint delivers a single, centralised source for managing all your project documents

Organise, share, protect and collaborate on project documents anywhere, anytime to always keep the project team current and on the latest drawing version.

Why do builders struggle with managing documents?

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Inefficient Paper & Spreadsheet Processes

Managing projects with only paper documents and spreadsheets is a springboard to errors. Even a collection of software solutions is siloed. Lost documents, input mistakes and information access issues are still common.

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Data Silos Create Multiple Versions of the Truth

With documents stored among different teams and different locations, everyone is looking at varied data, making it impossible to have one version of the truth.

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Problems Modifying in the Field

Accessibility and version control issues from the field exacerbate communication challenges and make version control anything but seamless.

Ensure Everyone On Your Team Is Working Off The Same Versions of Your Documents & Drawings

The paper chase is over. Let the cloud-based ViewpointOne suite's centralised location for managing documents help your teams collaborate in real time from one version of the truth.

A Centralised Source for Managing All Documents

Stop digging in folders for the document you need. Stop getting it out of an app to put in Excel and email to the offie. ViewpointOne delivers a single location for construction-ready drawings with features such as mobile markup and sheet comparison to keep the project team current and on the latest drawing version.

Anywhere, Anytime Access On Mobile & Tablet

Replace network drives and cloud storage. Organise, share, protect and collaborate on project documents, of virtually any file type, from anywhere, anytime on a mobile device or tablet.

A System of Record in the Event of Litigation

No one wants it, but it happens. And chasing a paper trail in the event of litigation or dispute can add unnecessary stress. Have instant access to every document you need from any project in a single, centralised database.

Role-Based Security & Permissions

Protect your critical data and information by assigning permissions to only those who need it. Assign security based on "role" or "project" and maintain consistent controls and governance over documents, drawings and project information.

A Single Source For Storing & Managing Documents

Organise, collaborate and share documents from anywhere with Viewpoint's solutions for construction document control. Let us show you how.

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