Project Management for Construction

Know where your job fits into the bigger financial picture

Understand the financial health of your project in realtime using a natively integrated construction financial and project management suite specifically built to reflect the whole business for all users — ViewpointOne.

Why Is It So Hard For Construction Projects To Be Completed On Time and Budget?

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Limited Access to Realtime Data

Project managers don’t often have reliable access to internal and external employee tasks and deliverables, leaving them unable to effectively tell which deliverables are past due and/or over budget.

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Lack of Defined Workflows Between Office & Field

Inconsistencies result from miscommunication between back-office systems and employees in the field. This leads to slow and unpredictable outcomes as well as delays in construction project management deliverables..

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Manual & Duplicative Processes

Construction project managers often rely on manually-updated spreadsheets, which causes errors, duplication and slows down processes, making it hard for a construction project to stay on target.

Operate From a Single Source of Truth To Increase Productivity & Grow Margins

Stay on track, improve communication and gain access to project information in realtime with Viewpoint's construction project management solutions.

Complete Projects On Time and Within Budget

Access project status and health by seeing deliverables in realtime. Immediately know whether a project is on track or behind by easily viewing submittals, RFIs and potential issues in progress.

Breakdown Communication Walls

Construction project management should have consistent processes with specific dashboards that can be viewed by members of a project's team. With ViewpointOne, every team member is using one system to collaborate. Everyone is easily able to see items that are overdue, track issues as they arise and easily interact with one another.

Remove Time-Consuming Processes

Securely organise, share and collaborate on project documents in the office, jobsite or remote location. No more wasting time trying to find documents — all pertinent project information can be found in one place.

Integrate Construction Project Management With Project Financials Seamlessly

Boost collaboration and connect the back office with field operations and your extended team. Nobody has native integration like Viewpoint.

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