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    ERP: Vista , ProContractor , Spectrum

    Category: Payment Management

    State: Georgia , Oregon

    (877) 626-6332

    Corpay is our integrated partner for the ePayments payment solution for Viewpoint. Corpay’s Payments Automation solution provides payment services and vendor payment information management available for Vista, Spectrum, and ProContractor customers. The ePayment solution will transform how our customers manage their business’s accounts payable by reducing the process to a single, streamlined workflow, optimizing payments for quick savings, and even adding the potential for revenue through rebates back to Viewpoint customers.

    Matt Butler
    SVP Construction Sales

    [email protected]

  • Flashtract

    ERP: Vista

    Category: Payment Management

    State: Georgia

    (866) 777-1540

    Supercharge the way you use Vista with Flashtract. From subcontractor billing all the way to payment disbursement, general contractors can manage the whole subcontractor billing process in one place. Flashtract's product auto generates pay applications and lien waivers for subcontractors based on current billing values. Automatically track all compliance documentation and lower tier contractors/suppliers in the same workflow. Invoices are electronically signed and routed through approval workflows where the general contractor can review, decline, and approve billings before syncing the data to Vista. Once you are ready to release payments, the payments dashboard allows you to easily manage and view payment approvals, holds, compliance and lien waiver statuses before sending payments out via ACH. Eliminate hours of wasted time going back and forth with subs just to get their billing information with Flashtract and Vista.

    Blair Chenault

    [email protected]

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