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  • Aatrix Software

    ERP: Vista, ProContractor

    Category: Employment, Payroll Compliance, Tax

    State: North Dakota

    (800) 426-0854

    Viewpoint seamlessly integrates with Aatrix Payroll Reporting in Vista and ProContractor providing fast and easy filing of more than 330 Reports & Payments. One simple filing process files all State and Federal Unemployment, Wage Withholding, New Hires Reports & Payments, regardless of the government agency. Aatrix also completes all W2/1099/ACA (1095) filings in a fraction of the time it takes to complete in-house. Aatrix’s COMPLETE Service will print and mail Employee/Recipient copies, provide USPS tracking information, files Federal and State copies with any required reconciliation forms and hosts an Employee/Recipient copy online. Corrections are quick and easy!

    One website is used to track all filings and payments. View confirmation emails, real time filing statuses, filing history, administer all agency requirements, set up reminders, and get help from your Aatrix eFile account. Aatrix provides free eFile support by phone, email and chat for all filings processed through the Aatrix eFile center.

    Ryan Hagen
    VP of Sales
    [email protected]

  • ADP

    ERP: Vista, Spectrum

    Category: Employment, Payroll Compliance, Tax

    State: California

    (412) 913-5518

    ADP SmartCompliance® is a cloud-based, customizable suite of services that works with ViewpointOne, Vista and Spectrum*to help maintain compliance, mitigate risk, and improve efficiencies for your business. Our comprehensive suite of customizable modules include:

    • Wage Garnishments: Improve efficiency of wage garnishment processing and administration, leveraging integration with Vista
    • Employment Tax: Easily manage your employment tax filing processing and remittance, leveraging integration with Spectrum or Vista
    • Wage Payments: Provide your employees with flexible, electronic payment options — and save time and money
    • Tax Credits: Identify and capture more tax credits and incentives for which you may be eligible
    • Employment Verification: Provide secure, 24/7 access to employment and income verifications
    • Health Compliance: Meet the demands of the evolving ACA landscape
    • Unemployment Claims: Improve claims management and help reduce unemployment costs
    • W-2 Management: Make year-end income reporting easier
    • Freelance Management: Recruit, manage, pay and maintain compliance for 1099 Contractor Management through WorkMarket®

    Tim Ballas
    Channel Manager
    [email protected]

  • eMars Inc.

    ERP: Vista

    Category: Employment, Payroll Compliance, Tax

    State: Arizona

    (480) 595-0466

    eMars is a leading service provider focusing on satisfying the certified payroll requirements specified by the Davis Bacon and Related Acts. eMars supports government agencies, prime contractors and all subcontractors. The over 15,000 users identify eMars as the most user friendly and intuitive system in the industry. Simple linking with Viewpoint and simplified satisfaction of AASHTO requirements makes eMars the most attractive solution available in today’s market.

    Woodrow Chamberlain
    [email protected]

  • Greenshades

    ERP: ProContractor

    Category: Human Capital Management, Payroll Compliance

    State: Florida

    (888) 255 3815 ext 2

    Greenshades is an industry leader in Payroll Tax Compliance and Human Capital Management tools. We offer integrated solutions to address some of the most challenging aspects of running payroll in an industry-specific ecosystem.

    With over 4,000 human resource and payroll customers, we come to work every day solving the biggest problems in human capital. Our software was created with a purpose; to enable mid-sized businesses to manage payroll processes internally and file taxes on time in all jurisdictions with the latest government-mandated information. Each year, Greenshades creates, distributes, and mails millions of digital and paper year-end returns (W-2, 1099, 1095-C, T4, etc) to employees and vendors around the globe.

    Greenshades’ Payroll and Human Capital Management solutions automate processes to give HR departments time to focus on their business and mission. Known for legendary customer support, Greenshades increases efficiencies, cost-savings, and visibility of critical resources.

    Harry Hartman
    Director of Strategic Partnerships
    [email protected]

  • LCPtracker, Inc.

    ERP: Vista, Spectrum

    Category: Employment, Payroll Compliance, Tax

    State: California

    (714) 669-0052 ext. 136

    LCPtracker, Inc. is a leading service provider specializing in labor compliance and other workforce related software. We provide a powerful web-based software for collecting, verifying, and managing certified payrolls and other labor compliance related documents. Numerous government agencies and prime contractors have already chosen LCPtracker for their certified payroll reporting thus our software manages $180 Billion worth of construction projects across the nation.

    David Santos
    LCPcertified Sales / Payroll Partners
    [email protected]

  • Nelco

    ERP: Spectrum

    Category: Payroll Compliance

    (800) 266-4669

    Spectrum users can save valuable time during their year-end processes by filing electronically with Web Reporting Center powered by Nelco. Report with confidence knowing your W-2 forms are being filed properly. Rather than ordering forms and envelopes, printing W-2 filings, stuffing envelopes, and buying postage, Spectrum users can export their W-2 data directly to Nelco’s Web Reporting Center (WRC) and easily complete federal, state, and recipient reporting.

    Jason Jennison
    Partner Manager
    [email protected]

  • TTR, Inc.

    ERP: Vista

    Category: Employment, Payroll Compliance, Tax

    State: Oregon

    (503) 472-8500

    TTR is a website for tax and accounting professionals, specializing in tax answers and tax rates. TTR works with over 60% of the construction industry. Our construction industry clients tell us that “TTR has significantly more content,” and in many cases, “TTR has construction tax answers we can’t find anywhere else.” TTR asked its clients, “Why did you decide to subscribe to TTR’s tax website for the construction industry?” 98% of our clients said they subscribe to TTR because it “helps the bottom line” by saving a significant amount of time and reduces tax errors – which make both customers and state tax authorities very happy. Contact TTR today.

    Stefanie Lasonde
    Sales Administrator
    [email protected]

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