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  • eSUB Construction Software

    ERP: Vista

    Category: Equipment Tracking , Field , Materials , Tools

    State: California

    (800) 493-3782

    eSUB cloud-based construction software provides your team with the tools and information they need to track every project detail directly from the field. Complete RFIs, get up-to-date information for submittals, and finalize change orders with documented approval. Real time updates and persistent communication seamlessly connect the field with the office. eSUB provides personalized training, software implementation, and live technical support for your team. eSUB standardizes project management procedures so project managers can easily enter data, site events, labor activities, material costs, workforce information and more into a fully searchable database updated in real-time. Best project management practices are built into the interface of our software based on 30 years’ experience as construction consultants working to protect your profits and mitigate risk. eSUB integrates with all types of accounting software. eSUB can push time cards, purchase orders, change orders, and pay applications directly into your accounting platform. eSUB can then pull and populate employees, material costs, cost codes, contacts, and vendors. This integration greatly enhances communication between accounting and workers in the field.

    Benny Baltsotsky

    [email protected]

  • Fast-Weigh

    ERP: Vista , Spectrum

    Category: Equipment Tracking , Field , Materials , Reporting and Analytics , Specialty Software , Tools

    State: Tennessee

    (865) 219-2980

    Fast-Weigh (developed by TAC Insight) is a cloud-based truck scale ticketing software that supports all aspects of aggregate sales and bulk material transportation — dispatching, load-out, ticketing, billing, & delivery. Our platform brings Aggregates Producers, Haulers, and Contractors under one roof with a modern, unified system that eliminates the need for servers, manual backups, and other costly IT infrastructure. Fast-Weigh provides easy-to-use mobile and web-based tools for: Desktop Scale Ticketing, Web Order & Job Management, Mobile Ticketing, Job Site Delivery Tracking, In-cab Trucker Dispatching, Invoicing & Accounting Integration, Hauler Pay, Sales Quotes, Inventory, Business Analytics, and more! See our website for a full feature list.

    Clay Bowman
    Director of Business Development

    [email protected]

  • FieldConnect

    ERP: Vista , Spectrum

    Category: Mobile Field Service

    State: California

    (949) 428-1540

    FieldConnect workforce mobility solutions enable real-time streamlining of data between field technicians, customers, and the back office. Key features include mobile work order generation and approval, electronic inspection and lead forms, time & payroll integration, site & equipment tracking and history, dynamic calendaring, and inventory management.

    Robert Hughes
    Founder and CEO

    [email protected]

  • Flashtract

    ERP: Vista

    Category: Payment Management

    State: Georgia

    (866) 777-1540

    Supercharge the way you use Vista with Flashtract. From subcontractor billing all the way to payment disbursement, general contractors can manage the whole subcontractor billing process in one place. Flashtract's product auto generates pay applications and lien waivers for subcontractors based on current billing values. Automatically track all compliance documentation and lower tier contractors/suppliers in the same workflow. Invoices are electronically signed and routed through approval workflows where the general contractor can review, decline, and approve billings before syncing the data to Vista. Once you are ready to release payments, the payments dashboard allows you to easily manage and view payment approvals, holds, compliance and lien waiver statuses before sending payments out via ACH. Eliminate hours of wasted time going back and forth with subs just to get their billing information with Flashtract and Vista.

    Blair Chenault

    [email protected]

  • Followup CRM

    ERP: Vista , Spectrum

    Category: CRM

    State: Florida

    (954) 906-9665

    CRM software for the construction industry. We help construction companies make sure they don't forget to follow up with leads, bids and clients. Our system helps construction teams implement sales fundamentals like following up, managing leads, bids, and other sales related activities. This allows executives to keep their sales team accountable while getting business critical analytics that drives smart decision making. Followup CRM’S integration with Viewpoint allows users to pass new client information, jobs and pricing information directly into Viewpoint. Preventing duplicate entry and potential accounting mistakes!

    Erick Vargas

    [email protected]


    ERP: Vista

    Category: Payment Management

    State: Virginia

    (877) 447-2584 x104

    Founded in 2002, is the leading Internet-based subcontract management platform for Invoicing, Compliance, Lien Waivers and Automated Payments to subcontractors and suppliers/vendors. A Viewpoint Development Partner since 2011, is compatible with any computer, tablet or mobile device, allowing both office and field employees to increase efficiency while reducing costs in the management of their subcontractors and suppliers.’s integration with Vista provides real-time data exchange relating to Subcontracts, Purchase Orders, Schedules of Values, Change Orders, Applications for Payment, Compliance Documentation and Custom Lien Waivers. is a past winner of Viewpoint’s Technology Award for Best Third Party Integration with Vista.

    Sam Stull
    Head of Sales

    [email protected]

  • Greenshades

    ERP: ProContractor

    Category: Human Capital Management , Payroll Compliance

    State: Florida

    (888) 255 3815 ext 2

    Greenshades is an industry leader in Payroll Tax Compliance and Human Capital Management tools. We offer integrated solutions to address some of the most challenging aspects of running payroll in an industry-specific ecosystem.

    With over 4,000 human resource and payroll customers, we come to work every day solving the biggest problems in human capital. Our software was created with a purpose; to enable mid-sized businesses to manage payroll processes internally and file taxes on time in all jurisdictions with the latest government-mandated information. Each year, Greenshades creates, distributes, and mails millions of digital and paper year-end returns (W-2, 1099, 1095-C, T4, etc) to employees and vendors around the globe.

    Greenshades’ Payroll and Human Capital Management solutions automate processes to give HR departments time to focus on their business and mission. Known for legendary customer support, Greenshades increases efficiencies, cost-savings, and visibility of critical resources.

    Harry Hartman
    Director of Strategic Partnerships

    [email protected]

  • HCSS

    ERP: Vista , Spectrum

    Category: Estimating

    State: Texas

    (800) 683-3196

    HCSS brings hi-tech software to the heavy/highway construction industry like no one else. We help you win the bid, then assist you in the field. We track your resources, and ease your equipment maintenance.

    John Davis

    [email protected]

  • Established in 1888, the Herga Group is one of the top Trimble dealers in the world. Across our companies we are the exclusive distribution partner for the sale of Trimble Equipment, technology solutions, parts and service support in our territories. Headquartered in Brisbane, we have over 220 employees throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.

    We sell,rent, service and support customers across a range of industries including construction, geospatial, mining, transport, local government, buildings, and marine.

    SITECH Construction Systems - for over 10 years SITECH has been the authorised Trimble dealer offering solutions for all aspects of earthmoving and related works, bringing unprecedented levels of accuracy, safety and efficiency to our customers with the full range of Trimble hardware and software and is recognised as an industry leader throughout the territories we operate in.

    BuildingPoint encompasses a suite of products across construction and building-related technology. BuildingPoint is the official source for best-in-business software and hardware brands such as Tekla, SketchUp, and Trimble, and has been part of the group since 2014.

    UPG (Ultimate Positioning Group) is your technical partner in the geospatial and monitoring sphere. This group is the original member of the Herga Group and has been in operation for over 130 years. In 1992 we became the Trimble distribution partner and we continue to deliver Trimble solutions and technology to urban and outback Australia.

    Information Alignment, headquartered in WA, is the newest member of the group having been purchased in October 2019 from Trimble. IA provides information systems for enterprise-wide monitoring and management of mining and ore processing operations.

    Tim McPhilips
    General Manager, Australia

  • hh2 Cloud Services

    ERP: Vista , Spectrum

    Category: Document and Forms Management , Field , Human Capital Management , Payment Management

    State: Utah

    (877) 442-9327

    App/Mobile Point Solution provider for Time Entry, Pay Stubs, AP Invoice Routing and Approvals, Credit Card Management, Reimbursements and Field Reporting. Additionally hh2 Cloud Services can enable Rest Based API connections to the Viewpoint Vista and Spectrum offerings.

    Dennis Dorrity
    VP of Marketing

    [email protected]