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  • About Time Technologies, LLC

    ERP: Vista

    Category: Equipment Tracking, Field, Materials, Tools

    State: Utah

    (801) 465-8181

    AboutTime Technologies has been a leader in on-premise mobile resource management with AboutTime Enterprise Suite to optimize labor, assets, and forms for the last 13 years. In addition to the on-premise suite offering, AboutTime Technologies now offers WorkMax, an entirely new cloud-based platform available as a suite or as individual solutions for resource management. The WorkMax individual solutions include FORMS, TIME, ASSETS, SERVICE and INSIGHT. WorkMax’s modern cloud-based resource management provides instant, accurate answers by connecting teams for labor, assets, forms, service scheduling and dispatch with real-time business intelligence for any size business in any industry.

    Mike Merrill
    Chief Operations Officer

  • Aclaimant, Inc

    ERP: Vista, Spectrum

    Category: Document and Forms Management, Field, Human Capital Management, Mobile Field Service, Reporting and Analytics, Specialty Software, Tools

    State: Illinois , Virginia

    (312) 361-3477

    Aclaimant is a workflow and process automation platform designed specifically for safety and risk management. Our patent pending system streamlines workplace safety, incident/claims management workflows, and analytics into a single, easy to use tool. GCs, Specialty Contractors and Subs have utilized Aclaimant to become better risks, implementing best practices including:

    • Digital safety, site audit and observation programs
    • Mobile friendly near-hit and miss reporting
    • Streamlined incident reporting and triage procedures, including digital claim submission to carriers and TPAs
    • Alert matrices across commercial P/C insurance lines (Work Comp, GL, Auto, Property, etc.)
    • Centralizing claim financial information from into combined, easy to understand analytics.

    Connie LeBeau

  • Austin Lane Technologies, Inc

    ERP: Vista

    Category: Equipment Tracking, Field, Materials, Tools

    State: Texas

    (940) 323-9801

    Founded in 1999, Austin Lane Technologies is the leading mobile software provider for jobsite intelligence. ALMobile offers the most advanced, comprehensive mobile solutions for time, attendance, production, equipment, expense, and work order tracking to commercial and industrial construction companies. This powerful enterprise software application captures field data on any device, all while running disconnected. ALMobile seamlessly integrates with all Viewpoint software (Vista, Spectrum, Procontractor), exchanges real-time data to improve communications, revolutionizes the payroll process, and gives you the power to do more.

    Kirk Pierce
    Sales Manager

  • Earthwave Technologies, Inc.

    ERP: Vista

    Category: Equipment Tracking, Field, Materials, Tools

    State: Indiana

    (317) 218-6102

    Fleetwatcher is a unique Wireless Asset Tracking system, developed over the past 10 years with an exclusive focus on the heavy equipment contractor. "Co-authored" by Earthwave and our customers, Fleetwatcher helps solve problems relative to tracking the activity, usage, productivity and ultimately the costs of your remote and mobile assets.

    Larry Baker
    CEO/VP Sales

  • eSUB Construction Software

    ERP: Vista

    Category: Equipment Tracking, Field, Materials, Tools

    State: California

    (800) 493-3782

    eSUB cloud-based construction software provides your team with the tools and information they need to track every project detail directly from the field. Complete RFIs, get up-to-date information for submittals, and finalize change orders with documented approval. Real time updates and persistent communication seamlessly connect the field with the office. eSUB provides personalized training, software implementation, and live technical support for your team. eSUB standardizes project management procedures so project managers can easily enter data, site events, labor activities, material costs, workforce information and more into a fully searchable database updated in real-time. Best project management practices are built into the interface of our software based on 30 years’ experience as construction consultants working to protect your profits and mitigate risk. eSUB integrates with all types of accounting software. eSUB can push time cards, purchase orders, change orders, and pay applications directly into your accounting platform. eSUB can then pull and populate employees, material costs, cost codes, contacts, and vendors. This integration greatly enhances communication between accounting and workers in the field.

    Benny Baltsotsky

  • Manufacton

    ERP: Vista, Spectrum

    Category: Equipment Tracking, Field, Materials

    State: Massachusetts

    (800) 426-0854

    ManufactOn is a SaaS (mobile/web) platform that helps construction firms plan, track and optimize both prefabrication and regular material management. It is the only tool of its kind specifically built from the ground up with off-site construction in mind. As an always-on, real-time portal into the prefab process, ManufactOn saves contractors time and reduces risk by facilitating collaboration, speeding up communication and ensuring accuracy and timeliness of the end-to-end construction supply chain.

    Michael Clark
    Director of Marketing

  • Material Management

    ERP: Vista, Spectrum

    Category: Equipment Tracking, Field, Materials, Tools

    State: Texas

    (800) 590-1300

    Reduce Purchase Order Entry time into Vista Software with ORDER CONFIRMATION. Material Management's ORDER CONFIRMATION software is, quite simply, the fastest and easiest way to write purchase orders. We do this by using ORDER CONFIRMATION to link you with your suppliers. Receive your daily Orders electronically from your suppliers, approve them and they are imported into Vista. Benefit from reduced entry time and possibly a more accurate Job Cost by capturing all purchases as they occur not when you have time to enter them. This product is designed for Electrical and Mechanical sub-contractors and any contractor that purchases a large number of items from a limited number of vendors.

    Extend the savings by adding INVOICE CONFIRMATION. Receive the invoice electronically from your Vendors then watch as your computer automatically matches the items on the invoice to the purchase order. When you accept the invoice it is imported into Vista as if you had entered it by hand. There is only one difference; you do not have a massive trail of paper to make it happen.

    Richard Carney

  • mJobTime Corporation

    ERP: Vista

    Category: Equipment Tracking, Field, Materials, Tools

    State: Texas

    (800) 387-1109

    As construction’s most advanced time tracking software, mJobTime is a perfect fit for Viewpoint customers. We offer the in-depth functionality, configurability, and customizability needed by ENR 600 and other leading contractors. Our long list of Viewpoint customers has enabled us to build a seamless, flexible interface with Viewpoint whether it be on-premise or in the cloud. Customers can select from an optional list of Mobility Suite modules, all of which can run on anything from smartphones to time clocks. And now, mJobTime is introducing a unique mobile biometric interface for employee clock ins and outs. All of this is combined with outstanding technical service and support to make mJobTime an option to seriously consider before making your choice of time tracking software.

    Richard Daniels
    Vice President and CFO

  • POSDATA Group, Inc.

    ERP: Vista

    Category: Equipment Tracking, Field, Materials, Tools

    State: Washington

    (800) 852-3282

    PowerTrack ® from POSDATA eliminates many of the headaches associated with daily reports. Using smartphones, tablets or laptops, supervisors easily record employee time, equipment usage, production quantities, material consumed, safety incidents, attendance and much more. With PowerTrack, you gain better visibility of jobs, reduce errors and eliminate redundant data entry.

    Mike Kapp
    Senior Vice President, Marketing And Technical Services

    Erik Kennedy
    Manager - Software Solutions

  • TAC Insight, LLC

    ERP: Vista, Spectrum

    Category: Equipment Tracking, Field, Materials, Tools

    State: Tennessee

    (865) 219-2980

    Fast-Weigh 10 is our desktop, mobile, and web scale ticketing platform, which integrates with Viewpoint Vista and Spectrum Material Management modules. Our cloud-based software provides secure, real-time access to scale data from any PC or mobile device, giving you the information you need, anywhere, at any time.

    We've done more than simply put Fast-Weigh data in the cloud. We have re-developed our platform from the ground up, designing it with the latest Microsoft Azure Cloud technologies to supply you with a reliable, secure, always-available platform to manage your business.

    BJ Lusk
    Sales Engineer