Transforming Construction Management

Viewpoint’s Leading-Edge Technology Solutions Connect the Office, Team and Field for Real-Time Collaboration and Decision Making

By Andy Holtmann

Editor’s Note: This article originally ran in the May 2018 issue of Construction Executive Magazine.

Let’s face it, construction is hard. Staying on top of building plans, materials, financials and accounting, reporting, safety, hiring and human resources, subcontractors, contracts, equipment usage and maintenance, and much more is a significant challenge for any contractor—a challenge that in today’s world, requires software and technology to meet demands.

There are many options available for managing each of the aforementioned tasks, but for contractors to be effective in running the multiple facets of the construction organization in real time, they need solutions that are cloud-based and integrated.

That’s why Viewpoint has a dedicated integration strategy for its construction clients, transforming their operations by connecting the Office, the Team and the Field. Viewpoint delivers systems built from the ground up with true integration between products and functionality. This allows different roles, both inside and outside of a contractor’s organization to work in ways relevant to them, while maintaining a single, trusted source of data throughout.

In-office applications for processes like accounting and HR require rich functionality and capabilities to address everything from job cost reporting to payroll. Out in the field project managers and field teams need easy-to-use mobile solutions that let them get information about the job and record data in real time, no matter where the project is. By operating in the cloud, these software solutions give visibility to the entire project team—from the owners and architects to the subcontractors and vendors—ensuring that real-time project insight is always at hand and immediate, informed decisions can be made.

By connecting the office, team and field through real-time integration, Viewpoint’s solutions have helped clients:

  • Save Time—50 percent reductions in billing processes and tracking of field time, materials and unapproved invoices; 40 percent reduction in managing change orders; and 75 percent reduction in time spent on safety management
  • Mitigate Risks—30 percent reductions in project delays and post completion rework; and 10 percent reduction in compliance and liability exposure; and 1 percent reduction in equipment and material costs
  • Increase Profit—3 percent increase in top-line revenues; and 0.75 percent increase in gross profit margins

Source: Hobson & Company (2017). Driving ROI, The Case for a Proven Construction Management Solution.
Portland, OR: Viewpoint, Inc.