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Vista 6.14 Platform Enhancements


Vista Platform

The Vista platform is the technology that underpins the various modules that make up Vista. Enhancements to the Vista Platform provide benefits across modules and improve the experience for all users.

New! Viewpoint Remote Link (VRL) Internet Enabled Vista Rich Client. Take the full power of Vista to the job trailer or work from home without the need for RDP or Citrix and without having to work in a browser. Vista now offers the option of a high-performance HTTPS internet connection over Wi-Fi in addition to a LAN connection.

New! Connection Status at a Glance. A new connection-status dialog box provides critical information regarding the health of the network connection, whether wired through the LAN, or wireless over Wi-Fi.

Improved Vista Performance Under Multiple Usage Scenarios. The speed at which forms render in Vista has been increased up to 10X, particularly for forms with attachments. Additionally, the frequency of system slowdowns under heavy loads has been significantly reduced, further improving Vista’s performance overall, especially for report generation and queries.

Upgraded Connection Resiliency. Vista now provides a more robust recovery process during times of erratic network connectivity by improving how Vista handles data moving across the network.

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