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A look at the latest Spectrum, Vista, and ProContractor product releases and enhancements

JANUARY 2024: Multiple Line Coding in Expenses in Vista

Viewpoint Vista accounting users, we've got another one for you! Check out the latest and greatest updates for entering expenses, submitting expenses, expense approval, and expense reporting:

  • You can now code multiple expense items to the same expense receipt and charge each of those different line items to a different job, expense account, or any of the other expense types that you have enabled in your portal.

When Entering Expenses

  • The Edit Expense Item window has been renamed Edit Expense Receipt. Once users enter a Receipt Description and Total Amount on a receipt, they can add expense items and charge them to the appropriate accounts.

  • The total for expense items must balance with the Total Amount entered for an expense receipt. The system automatically alerts users when expense line items are out of balance with the receipt total.
  • Users can add attachments from their computer to the expense header or to expense item lines. However, the ability to drag and drop attachments is no longer available. Users can also modify or remove attachments using familiar PDF viewer tools.

When Submitting Expenses

  • On the Submit Expense page, the Items Pending Submission section has been renamed Receipts Pending Submission:

  • For receipts coded to multiple line types, the phrase Multiple Lines displays in the Charge To column. Receipts that are missing coding show a red information icon in the Charge To column.

  • The Receipt Description displays with Out of Balance if the total for the expense items on that receipt does not equal the total amount on the receipt. Users cannot submit receipts that are out of balance.

  • When the portal setting Allow users to Submit individual expense receipts is enabled, users can submit individual expense receipts directly from the Edit Expense Receipt page. However, instead of a Save and Submit button, users will see separate Save and Submit buttons.

  • When the portal setting Allow employees to select Expense Reviewer on submission is enabled, the selected reviewer is assigned to review all line items on the receipt.

In Expense Approval

  • Reviewers can select a line in the Expense Approval grid to expand that line, and view and approve individual expense items attached to that receipt. (Reviewers will have access only to those line items that they have permission to approve.)
  • Reviewers can select the View button for a line in the grid to open and edit details on an expense receipt, or to approve or reject expense items directly from the receipt.

In Expense Posting

  • The Expense Posting grid now shows receipt header information. Users must expand a grid line to see individual line items attached to the receipt.

  • When a receipt is moved to a batch, all line items on that receipt are moved to the same batch.

  • Line items on a receipt will have their own Actions button with options to View Workflow, Reset Approvers, or Reject the line item. If any one line item is rejected, the entire receipt is rejected. The employee must resolve the issue with the rejected line and then resubmit the receipt for approval.

For more detail, check out the Viewpoint Help portal!

    NOVEMBER 2023: Financial Updates Galore for Vista!

    Viewpoint Vista is getting the TLC this month, with updates for AP Unapproved Invoice Entry, Costs & Contracts, HR & Payroll, Project Management, and Service Management features!


    • Units are now required on unapproved invoices. When entering unapproved invoices in AP Unapproved Invoice Entry, you must now enter a value in the Units field when the unit of measure is other than lump sum.

    By the way - Service Management Cost Types are now required on SM Work Order invoice lines with tax. If you enter an invoice line in AP Transaction Entry or AP Unapproved Invoice Entry for an SM work order, and the invoice line includes tax, you are now required to enter a cost type in the SM Cost Type field.

    Costs & Contracts

    • In Vista 2023 R1, we released the Job Billing Invoice Delivery feature. We received great feedback (thank you!) and this NEW release delivers on user-requested enhancements, fixes, and other improvements. With this feature, you can bulk print or email selected invoices with improved filtering criteria, and can easily track all billing delivery attempts. 
    • You can now access the Pending PO / Subcontract Review approval page in Viewpoint Financial Controls from the Purchase Order module.
    • A new Distribute Item Retainage button was added to the Subcontract Details section of the form. When you select this button, the system calculates and distributes the retention on the claim based on the work complete retention percentage entered for each subcontract item included on the claim.
    • You can now access the Pending PO / Subcontract Review approval page in Viewpoint Field Management from the Programs menu in the Subcontract Ledger module.

    HR and Payroll

    • You can now access the Pending PO / Subcontract Review approval page in Viewpoint Field Management from the Project Management module.
    • When viewing the item detail for subcontract and purchase order change orders, you can now see the original interface month for each transaction. This is especially useful if using the Correct Item feature, since corrections must be interfaced in the same month as the original interface month. Video here.
    • The informational display of Original and Available Estimate values in PM Subcontracts were updated for better visual clarity. The Original Estimate values are now displayed with the Available Estimate values below the subcontract field, and the Remaining Estimate field now displays the entire label and estimate value.

    Service Management

    • If you are using the Tasking feature for agreements, you can now have the system create separate work order scopes for each service item on an agreement. This allows you to track all costs captured on a work order scope to a specific serviceable item. 
    • In Vista Field Service, technicians can create QR codes for service items, in order to quickly and accurately identify items and complete tasks. Now in Vista, you can add these QR code IDs in the field Field Service - ID for QR Code to link a QR code to a service item.

    Finally... a General Vista Update:

    Vista is Now a Single-Version Help System! You can now access up-to-date information about Vista in one place. All Vista content is now available in a single version of Help on Viewpoint Help. This means that no matter what version of Vista you are on, when you access Help from the Vista application you will get the latest version of Vista content.

    Visit Viewpoint Help for instructions and videos on how to use a product, and a description of enhancements and changes for each release.

      AUGUST 2023: ProContractor Release 4.3

      August brings a familiar face to the front row, with new updates for ProContractor! Look for updates in Accounting, Estimating, and Mobile:


      New Automation: Now you can automatically create vendor invoices connected to payroll for garnishments

      Improved Workflows
      : Easily change an invoice number or reverse a journal entry after incorrect posting, without needing to void or re-enter data.

      Save Time by using the new certified payroll filtering capability, enter timecards faster (blank lines instead of duplicates!), and look up vendors by name with auto-search


      Cleaner Interface: ProContractor automatically highlights list items in estimates if quantity or cost = zero, helping you quickly spot errors in estimates.


      Improved Sync: Data processing is now parallel, rather than linear, allowing for faster syncing.

      JULY 2023: Vista Adds Digital Job Billing of Invoices and more!

      Viewpoint Vista gets the spotlight in July, with two helpful updates: Digital Job Billing of Invoices and Subcontract Review and Approval

      Digital Job Billing of Invoices for Vista

      Customers now have the option to identify recipients to email a job bill out of the Job Bill module. Job bills can be “Progress” or “Time & Materials” (T&M). This allows the ability to send and print in bulk, rather than one at a time. 

      This update automates the process and is highly requested!

      Subcontract Review and Approval

      Customers—especially GCs who work with a lot of subcontractors—now have a review and approval workflow for subcontracts, similar to how purchase orders are handled. This is done through the PM module.

      Additionally, there is now more control over notifications, including when reviews / approvals are needed (for both subcontracts and POs). These improvements come from customer suggestions!

      For a deep dive into these new releases, and more, check out our Vista R1 Release Notes. You can also find training for this new release in Viewpoint Academy!

      Want to Get More Hands-On with Viewpoint Products? Catch us at Trimble Dimensions!

      Learn more about Trimble Dimensions (and register now for the best rate!)

      APRIL 2023: Spectrum Adds More In-Platform Access to “Help Me” Videos (& more!)

      Viewpoint made a lot of behind-the-scenes updates for Spectrum users this month ... BUT the #1 customer favorite is the new “Show Me How” buttons

      Look for the button, located in the product, to see videos on many different product processes. Throughout your application, selected screens have embedded video tutorials, accessible by clicking on the "Show Me How" button. Show Me How videos provide Spectrum-screen-level videos of common functions, giving you yet another tool for learning Spectrum.

      Spectrum users can now also reset ePayments vendors to print checks. Salary bands on the standard EEO-1 Component 2 Report have also been updated to meet current requirements. 

      For a deep dive into this release, check out our R1 Release Notes. You can also find training for this new release in Viewpoint Academy!

      Hey, you—don’t forget to submit and vote on Spectrum suggestion box requests to have your voice heard.

      Spectrum Users - See the new “Show Me How” Button In Action!

      MARCH 2023: Spectrum Automatic Invoicing—and ProContractor

      Introducing Automatic Invoicing, the new Trimble Construction One feature built for Spectrum! We've been waiting to introduce this feature for a LONG time. Automatically populate invoice data from email or PDF invoices and create Vendor Invoice Entries, in Spectrum, "auto-magically"!

      Spectrum Automatic Invoicing has a lot of advantages, especially for accounting: Save time processing invoices, reduce the painful manual steps in the invoice processing workflow, Improve data accuracy.

      Spectrum Automatic Invoicing  is included for cloud-hosted Trimble Construction One users. Watch the video for all the details, and talk to your Account Executive to learn more.

      • Original
      • 1080p
      • 720p
      • 540p
      • 224p

      ProContractor also has some recent updates that customers will love!

      ProContractor has new enhancements that improve accessibility, visibility, time savings, and performance! ProContractor customers can now add or remove users as demand fluctuates, giving teams access to the modules they need, when they need it. You can now login via email address, and avoid maintaining multiple user names.

      Other ProContractor enhancements include new reporting tools so you have insight into user activity, plus time saving updates (from the Suggestion Box!) For example, vendor names are now recognized and automatically populated as you type; plus bug fixes in Accounting allow for a better day-to-day product interaction.

      And finally, we added some modern updates to ProContractor’s interface, as well. We know looks aren’t everything, so we’re also making continuous security improvements to ProContractor and Viewpoint Estimating, as well.

      DECEMBER 2022: Spectrum Aatrix Integration

      You asked—and so we’re continuing to build the Spectrum integration with Aatrix! Customers can now file unemployment taxes electronically (certain states require quarterly electronic filing of unemployment tax filings, including California). This Spectrum update also supports state level reporting.

      Read the Spectrum Update

      DECEMBER 2022: Vista Service Management Enhancements

      We took several usability and performance tips from the Suggestion Box for the Vista Service Management module. Look for the following improvements to Vista HRM include: Relocated Margin Field for Flat Price Scopes. With improved performance for the SM Dispatch Board, customers get control over refresh intervals and which queries are displayed. Plus, there is a new refresh option in Service Management batches.

      Additionally, look for new access to the Service Manager dashboard in Field Service. The separate Service Management Work Order Close and Work Order Reopen functionalities are now handled in separate forms, which allows setting security individually for each function.

      SEPTEMBER 2022: Spectrum Statement of Cash Flow

      This was a top suggestion box request! 

      Spectrum users now have access to a statement of cash flow as a standard, financial report option. Look for a fast, out-of-the-box solution, instead of engaging Trimble Viewpoint Professional Services team, and easy access to accounting reports for better financial visibility.

      MAY 2022: Licensing Enhancements for Vista

      User licensing just got easier to understand and control. Cloud users can now differentiate between Office vs. Project Management users, get a visual indication (red text) when new users are added that exceed contracted license amount, for named licenses. (Cloud) users can opt in (or out) of On-Demand Usage for additional licenses when needed

      Vista cloud customers get improved control with the ability to turn On-Demand Usage on or off, and better visibility with the ability to monitor license types through reports.

      MAY 2022: Aatrix Integration for Vista

      For this Vista product update, we worked with Aatrix to resolve issues interfering with the smooth installation, update, and performance of our integration. Vista also implemented standard payroll reporting to print current and prior years’ W-2s & 1099s; and also self-serve and eFiling access for standard W-2 (EFW2 format) and 1099 export files. Canadian customers can now print and reprint T4 slips.

      APRIL 2022: Spectrum “Show Me How" Button

      Especially for new Spectrum users, you can now get instant access to quick 1-2-minute how-to videos, covering a particular screen, workflow, or functionality. (No need to log into the Academy).

      FEBRUARY 2022: Connected Potential Change Orders for Spectrum

      Project managers can now create, track and manage Potential Change Orders (PCO) in a web-based construction management portal, that’s connected to their back office Trimble Construction One Spectrum accounting system. Already available for Trimble Construction One Vista users, this provides Spectrum users with the same real-time visibility in the back office without the need for double entry of data.

      This feature further closes the gap between operations and accounting by providing real-time PCO workflows within a unified system of record. Permissioned team members in the field and in the back office can see items, costs and context surrounding PCOs, with links to RFIs for the ability to drill down even deeper.

      Watch how it works:

      FEBRUARY 2022: Mobile Time Kiosk Clock for Viewpoint Field Management Mobile

      Time collection in the field just got even easier with the new Mobile Time Kiosk Clock feature in Viewpoint Field Management Mobile.

      Now, while out in the field, whether using online or offline and synching later, a foreperson or supervisor can simply log into Viewpoint Field Management Mobile and enable the kiosk mode. Individual employees clock in on the foreperson’s device by entering their employee number, and selecting their job and phase. A photo of the employee is captured by the device’s camera. At day’s end, the employee clocks-out of the foreperson’s device. An additional photo of the employee is captured.

      When all employees have clocked-out, the foreperson exits the kiosk mode and reviews time entered. Time can be matched to photos in the web-portal. Once satisfied, the foreperson submits time to the back office.

      This not only simplifies and streamlines time collection efforts, it increases the accuracy of time collection (no more time round ups or reporting errors). It also ensures the actual worker logging time is the one that should be onsite (no more “buddy punching” on time cards). These are critical to ensuring accurate employee compliance reporting, avoiding overpayments and ensuring fast, accurate payroll cycles.

      See more on how Mobile Time Kiosk Clock works:

      JANUARY 2022: Viewpoint For Projects (UK) Transitions to Viewpoint ID for Single Sign-On

      Viewpoint for Projects (VFP) has transitioned to a dedicated authentication service for logging into the platform. The authentication service, named ViewpointID, puts VFP users on equal footing across the platform; establishing a springboard for integration across Trimble’s product ecosystem. In addition, customers can use ViewpointID alongside Single Sign On and Active Directory federated services for better user management.

      ViewpointID can be used as part of a Multi-Factor Authentication system, with users being required to provide a second form of authentication in addition to a login and password (powered by Viewpoint MFA or Azure MFA).

      As the UK’s most used Common Data Environment solution (NBS BIM Report 2020) with a very strong global reach, we are custodians of over half a million user accounts in the construction space. The Trimble network increases this number even further, with well-known names such as Connect, Tekla, SketchUp, and MEP (Stabicad) being part of the Trimble ecosystem. We’re excited to be a step closer in making Trimble products seamless and connected.

      Watch the video below for more information, and If you wish to find out more about Viewpoint For Projects, email [email protected].

      NOVEMBER 2021: HR Management Performance Review Updates (Vista Clients)

      There are some updated features around how HR professionals and managers can conduct performance reviews in Viewpoint HR Management for Vista. It’s easier than ever to adopt new ways to formalize your approach to helping your employees grow in their roles. On the performance review dashboard, new percentage fields show how many reviews are in progress, awaiting reviews, or have been finalized. Reviews are also searchable by dates, employee names, or by performance templates. Managers and supervisors can also be auto-assigned to review tasks.

      Other new features include a bulk email notification button to remind users of performance review tasks, a new employee portal feature that automatically assigns performance review tasks, new workflows to make 360 reviews and management easier for users, downloadable PDFs of performance review notes and comments, different template options for employees and managers, and the ability to disable employee self review processes.

      See all of the new features in action:

      NOVEMBER 2021: Single Sign-On for Trimble Construction One™ Vista Clients

      Trimble Construction One Vista users now have one-stop access to and ease of navigation across Trimble Viewpoint apps and services with new single sign-on (SSO) capabilities. One log-in now connects users to Vista version 2021-R1.03, Viewpoint Team and Viewpoint Analytics, and allows them to bypass the Viewpoint Customer Portal log-ins for each application, providing a one-stop shop for support, learning and troubleshooting, and technical issues. SSO simplifies user management and reduces IT burden by allowing Trimble Construction One Vista users to move seamlessly across connected applications, while providing an extra layer of data security through multi-factor authentication (MFA) for their single sign-on experience.

      AUGUST 2021: Connected PCOs in Viewpoint Team™

      Viewpoint customers are now able to create, edit and track potential change orders (PCOs) within the connected Viewpoint Team solution. This is another giant step forward toward fully web-based budget and cost management for project managers. This gives them real-time visibility into their change order process without the need for double entry between disparate systems. This capability was released for Vista Trimble Construction One customers, and is coming for Trimble Construction One Spectrum clients and to the offline capable mobile app, allowing change orders to ultimately be entered anywhere, any time. Watch below to see how these connected PCOs work:

      APRIL 2021: Viewpoint Vista™ 2021 R1 Release

      This Spring, we’ve made multiple enhancements to Vista to improve users’ experience, including more timely reporting of critical financial data and deeper insight into projects. In the video below, you’ll see a quick overview of some of the R1 enhancements.

      APRIL 2021: AP Vendor Merge in Viewpoint Vista™

      One of the key new enhancements of the 2021 R! Vista release is a brand new feature set called AP Vendor Merge. Now you can easily identify and link duplicate vendors within Vista, allowing you streamline your vendor and AP workflows with a single source of connected vendor data. One vendor can be designated as a parent vendor and other duplicate vendors can be grouped into the parent, with historical data archived. The AP Vendor Merge gives users a tool to easily clean their vendor data. This has been a top client suggestion that Viewpoint has delivered on. See how it works below:

      APRIL 2021: All Project Reporting with Trimble Construction One Vista™ with Viewpoint Analytics™

      Now it’s easier than ever to access and report on all of your project data if you’re hosted with ViewpointOne Vista. Leveraging Viewpoint Analytics, Vista admin users can apply a simple drag-and-drop business intelligence tool to compare and contrast all project data in Vista — without having to set up a new project in Viewpoint Team. This allows you to gain even deeper insights into projects and make more data-driven decisions. Check out how it works below:

      APRIL 2021: Connected Field Tickets in Viewpoint Field Management™

      A new key feature in the latest release of Viewpoint Field Management is the ability to have connected field tickets. The field ticket solution is now integrated with the job cost field ticket tables in Viewpoint’s Vista ERP.

      This allows for faster, simpler billing processes in Vista by generating bills from approved job costs associated with approved field tickets. The integrated field tickets can be created in the Field Management web portal and can be used to track change orders, for time and material billing tickets or against an owner T&M purchase order, or any work that need to be billed against later for a particular job.

      Field ticket users can enter notes, take and add pictures from mobile devices, enter time card information and more, with instant updates delivered back to Vista’s job cost and field ticket table fields.

      Watch a full demo of the new connected field ticket capabilities:

      FEBRUARY 2021: Automatic Drawing Hyperlinks for Viewpoint Team™

      Viewpoint Team now features the ability to hyperlink from one drawing or drawing set to another set. This breakthrough means finding the right documentation in the right order is easier than ever. When one set of plans is updated, hyperlinks to those changes can be easily added to all other relevant drawings or drawing sets to ensure proper versioning control.

      Now, all project stakeholders — whether they’re in-field crews and supervisors, project managers, back-office account teams, or executives — can navigate the most up-to-date versions of drawing sets quickly and easily. This significantly reduced the amount of time project teams spend trying to find the right set of drawings, as well as reduces risk of project errors by further ensuring teams are working from the latest version at all times.

      Hyperlinks can also link the latest data directly between drawings and submittals, RFIs, issues and other project documents, so that project teams can quickly reconcile data between drawings and other project documentation without additional manual steps.

      Watch how automated hyperlinking in Viewpoint Team works in this video:

      FEBRUARY 2021: Grid Time Entry Designed for Tablets in Viewpoint Field Management™

      Viewpoint Field Management’s mobile solution now has grid-based time entry capabilities, designed specifically for tablet devices. Now, supervisors, forepersons and others on the jobsite can easily view their jobs, phases, people and equipment in an easy-to-navigate grid.

      This allows them to quickly bulk enter employee time, view hours allocated by earn code and much more. And setting up grids for new projects or jobs is as simple as a few taps. Make full use of your large tablet screen with this awesome new capability. Watch below for a demo of how the new grid entry works:

      FEBRUARY 2021: New Work Order Creation from Mobile and Other Enhancements to Spectrum Service Tech™

      Two key features for our Spectrum Service Tech solution were released in February. Here are closer looks at each:

      New work order creation from mobile app: Service Tech users can now create work orders from the field to handle additional work when out on a call. Technicians can create work orders when the back office is closed. This is especially helpful for weekend techs, helping to keep workflows moving when last-minute work or emergency calls are needed and work performed needs to be captured. Watch how it works:

      ‘Other Charges’ page: Technicians are often faced with capturing additional charges incurred in the field. These may include things like permits, travel costs or equipment charges. Service Tech now allows technicians to add or delete these charges directly to the work order from the field rather than relying on the back office staff to input. A multi-select tool also allows multiple charges to be gathered and added at once. See how easy this is for techs:

      DECEMBER 2020: Enhancements to Spectrum™

      There were a number of enhancements made to Viewpoint’s Spectrum Construction Management Software solution as part of its 2020 R3 release in December, including year-end regulatory enhancements, the ability to now purge unposted transactions, a refresh button and new ePayments features for Spectrum. Here’s a look at each:

      Year-end regulatory enhancements: For accounts payable, we’ve updated the 1099 form to support the new NES format for the United States/ The W-2 (U.S.) and T4 (Canada) have been reconfigured to support all of the new 2020 rules including COVID-19 requirements. Changes have also been made for the 1095-C form (ACA). Nelco, the integrated electronic filing solution available within Spectrum has also seen enhancements with its tools to help correct files as they’re sent to Nelco for processing. There were also adjustments for non-standard calendar years for Canadian clients. Finally, there were a number of significant improvements made for the tax table import to make it easier to, among other things, import tables, see what was last imported and what version you’re using. Learn about all of these updates here:

      Purge unposted transactions: This new set of tools is a way to quickly and easily delete a group of unposted transactions. Clients can now purge by batch code vendor or customer invoices, or equipment, inventory or job cost transactions. This is helpful for clients using Spectrum’s SDX solution for data import, allowing them to easily delete inaccurate data and import again with ease. This was a top request of clients that we’ve now addressed. See how it works:

      Refresh button: As simple as it sounds, the new refresh button in Spectrum allows you to update the page you’re on without having to leave and come back. Another top suggestion box enhancement, we’ve now added this ability to the following areas:

      • Job Materials
      • Job Subcontracts
      • Job Images
      • Vendor & Subcontract Images
      • Customer & Contract Images
      • DI Images
      • Equipment Images
      • Employee & Applicant Images
      • Item Images
      • Work Order Site Images

      Learn more about this new feature here:

      Viewpoint ePayments enhancements for Spectrum: A number of new enhancements were made to our Viewpoint ePayments solution for Spectrum clients. Among then, we added the ability to download and import the Return File that shows how transactions were resolved through ePayments solution provider Nvoicepay. We also added a new utility to help clients quickly change or set vendors to use ePayments. See all ePayments enhancements and new features here:

      NOVEMBER 2020: Enhancements to Service Tech™

      A number of enhancements to Spectrum’s Service Tech Mobile solution were released in November, including signature page enhancements and new purchase orders and materials pages. 

      Signature page enhancements: You can now review and edit entire work orders from the signature page. Additionally, you now have the ability to add or edit full notes, and include notes from purchase orders and choose to display or not display pricing options. This gives you the ability to capture all work completed notes and clock out just before capturing the customer signature, and presents the customer with a clear, concise summary of work done in an easy-to-digest format. Watch these new enhancements in action:

      Purchase orders page: This is a new feature added to Service Tech that allows you to pull purchase order numbers from the field using the mobile application. As a tech, you can add notes and quickly submit back to the office for processing on their schedules. Notes added to purchase orders can also be captured on the signature page for quick and easy customer review. This increases the speed of purchase orders, and subsequently work order processing, while also reducing the need for techs to carry and manually process paper purchase order forms. Watch how it works:

      Materials page: Another new feature added to Service Tech, the materials page lets you quickly pull stock from your service vehicles or add non-stock items to work orders. You can also pull and assign materials from multiple vehicles or warehouses at once. This lets you better manage your materials and inventory in real time - with the ability to work online or offline, and connect directly to work orders to boost both billing and work order costing cycles. See the new materials page in action:

      Learn more about the value of modern service and work order management technologies in this ebook: How Integrated Technology is Fueling Today’s Leading Service Contractors.

      NOVEMBER 2020: RFI Reporting with Viewpoint Analytics™

      With this newest enhancement, Viewpoint Analytics users can create reports on project RFI data captured at the field level. Creating an RFI report is easy - just log into Viewpoint Analytics, access the Project Management: RFIs data source and begin creating your own customized reports using Viewpoint Analytics’ intuitive drag-and-drop report-building feature. Manage your projects, regions or the entire organization with confidence through performance and risk trends reporting. Understand instantly the status of specific RFIs or groups of RFIs and create powerful visualizations and dashboards to stay on top of RFI management. See how:

      Learn more about how Viewpoint Analytics is transforming the construction data landscape in this blog: How Viewpoint Analytics Can Help You Future-Proof Your Construction Business.

      OCTOBER 2020: Self-Service Reporting for Operations Data in Viewpoint Team™

      Viewpoint Team users with the appropriate access can now start building their own reports and dashboards for operations data within Team, using powerful business intelligence tools through the connected Viewpoint Analytics solution. Users can launch Viewpoint Analytics from the same portal as Viewpoint Team and begin creating virtually any style of report or data visualization on specific operations data using simple drag and drop data features. Accessing the powerful analytic tools within Team allows users to better understand their project data, compare and contrast multiple projects at once and ultimately make smarter project and business decisions.

      Learn more in this informative video:

      Viewpoint Analytics is a game changer for contractors. Getting started is easy — we break down how in this blog.

      SEPTEMBER 2020: Mobile Signature Capture for Spectrum Service Tech™ Mobile App

      The 2020 R4 release of Spectrum’s Service Tech mobile solution includes the ability to capture electronic signatures in the field so service technicians can help speed up service contractors' billing and payment processes.

      Service Tech’s electronic signature capability also improves customer service and reduces risks. Emails with signature authorization for work or payment can be made available to customers all using the app, reducing the odds of billing disputes. Signatures can be captured at multiple times should different approvals be needed in technicians’ processes, and signatures can even be captured offline and synced with the back office later. The signature page is simple for techs to use and allows them a quick way to review their work.

      Watch how Service Tech’s new signature capture works in this video:

      Read more about the Service Tech mobile solution here.

      SEPTEMBER 2020: Job Cost Field Ticketing Capabilities in Viewpoint Vista™

      A key part of Viewpoint’s 2020 R2 release for Vista, the job cost field ticketing feature helps users easily create and track field tickets. With a new ticketing form connected to Vista’s job cost contract master, users can manage their customer and project budgets more easily. Field tickets can be linked directly to customer purchase orders, as well as to labor, equipment and materials costs within Vista.

      This allows Vista users to quickly create time and material billings based on approved tickets, leading to faster payments. The following video walks through For a full walkthrough of how the new field ticketing capabilities work:

      Read more about Vista’s field ticketing capabilities here in this blog.

      AUGUST 2020: Enhanced Photo Capabilities in Viewpoint Team™

      As part of Viewpoint Team’s complete project management and document control functionality, users can now easily capture, share and organize project photos from a central location. Construction professionals on the jobsite can easily snap photos from their iOS or Android devices and upload them directly to Team in seconds. Photos can be added directly to shared albums, or users can create separate albums with subfolders for different projects or phases. Users can also define tags and add descriptions to photos within Viewpoint Team, allowing your whole team to be on the same page.

      See this enhanced photo sharing in action:

      Learn more about how Viewpoint Team’s enhanced photo capabilities and how they can change the game for project managers.

      JULY 2020: Custom Forms in Viewpoint Team™

      Viewpoint Team now supports customer forms! Users with permissions can quickly and easily build customized form templates and assign to projects, allowing contractors to capture virtually any data fields they want, and improving project communication and collaboration between the field and back office.

      Watch how it works:

      Interested in learning about all of Viewpoint Team’s features? Visit Viewpoint’s Product Help site, to get an in-depth look at Team, and all Viewpoint products.

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