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Why New Photo Capabilities in Viewpoint Team Could be a Game Changer for Construction Collaboration


Collecting and organizing photos from the field just became easier with Viewpoint Team.

Chew on this for a minute: thanks to today’s cloud and mobile technologies, the average human today holds 100,000 times more data and computing power in the palm of his or her hand as the supercomputer that landed the Apollo 11 astronauts on the Moon.

Today’s smartphones connect users to a world of information, people and actions in mere seconds. And on construction jobsites, that power is helping contractors better track and understand their projects, instantly share information, spot risks and so much more.

Photo Sharing Made Easy

Users can easily share jobsite photos directly to Team where they can be easily organized and searched by other users.

Enter the new photo management capabilities in Viewpoint Team. A project management and collaboration solution, Viewpoint Team provides a single source of data truth for projects, connecting the back office and field operations with your extended team of subcontractors, suppliers, architects and owners. As part of Team’s complete document control and tracking functionality, users can now easily capture, share and organize project photos from a central location.

Now, construction professionals out on the jobsite can easily snap photos from their iOS or Android devices and upload directly to Team in seconds. Photos can be added directly to shared albums within Team, or users can create separate albums with subfolders for different projects or phases.

Users can also define tags and add descriptions to photos within Team, and these descriptions and tags can be copied to other photos quickly and easily. GPS data is included in photo metadata as well, allowing project managers to know when and where photos were taken.

A Complete Construction Project Management Picture

Easy, intuitive tagging and descriptions allow users to add more detail to photos for more context.

Beyond the immediate benefits of providing a single, shared solution to manage all construction project photos, Viewpoint Team leverages the jobsite photos added to provide a more detailed, clearer picture of the project’s progress and issues. Project stakeholders — whether a project manager, safety officer, subcontractor, financial professional, owner, architect or leadership team — can better visualize job progress or address risks and safety concerns in near real time.

Photos can be attached to multiple reports, tasks and even dashboard alerts so that they’re not overlooked. Having easy access to photos can also lead to more informed revisions and markups during projects. Users can simply manage albums and tags for an easier approach than finding the exact spots on drawings to upload photos to.

Team’s new Timeline feature allows photos to be organized by date to create a visual project log, viewable by day, week month, or specified date ranges. Users can preview, access and even edit photos in Team, whether they’re working from their desktops, tablets or smartphone devices.

Viewpoint Team’s enhanced photo capabilities help fuel a more connected construction experience, which in-turn, is helping contractors make smarter, more data-driven decisions without the hassle of hours of administrative leg work or cumbersome multi-step tasks.

For more on Viewpoint Team’s new photo capabilities, watch this overview video:

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