Construction Best Practices

Managing the Complexities of Construction Drawing Sets


Drawings are foundational to construction project management. Sheet counts in the approved construction set are often large to begin with and grow even larger as a project progresses. While dedicated drawing management capabilities are the best way to keep sheets organized and accessible to the extended project team, the reality is that paper processes and cloud drives are still the norm.

Project Management Connected Drawings

Construction drawings are unlike construction documents. It’s not unusual for a project team to be working from version #7 of a sheet that came in from the architects as part of ASI #3. Managing, organizing and keeping an audit trail of such complexity overwhelms paper-based processes and cloud share app functionality. Contractors need to be confident that the entire project team is accessing the most up-to-date version of a drawing to avoid error and rework.

Viewpoint Team organizes drawings by set and discipline from the get-go. Revisions and versions are tracked and managed via a powerful drawing log. Additionally, drawings and metadata are stored alongside other project management processes such as daily logs, submittals and RFIs. This ensures that project managers and project engineers have all their construction project management information and tools in a single location, instead of scattered amongst manual processes and disconnected apps.

Team Drawings

An initial web release followed shortly by mobile, Viewpoint Team’s Drawings feature provides a single location to maintain construction ready drawings. Keep the entire project team current and simplify the complexities of managing large and ever changing drawing sets with a log of approved, and up-to-date drawings, organized by discipline and set. The initial web release contains:

  • Manage drawing sets — The initial set as well as ASIs, addendums and bulletins. Track revisions and dates issued and received.
  • Saved Views — Custom log views for the project team.
  • Filter & search — By name, number, set, discipline and/or dates.
  • Linked PDF support — Import and navigate sheet hyperlinks from a PDF Set.
  • Mark-up — Open sheets from the log to view and mark-up.
  • Manage disciplines — Customize discipline codes by project.

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