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How Viewpoint Construction Analytics Can Help You Future-Proof Your Business


Today's data-driven contractors are better prepared to adjust to and overcome business disruptions—and scale their companies to grow.

Modernizing Processes Through Leading-Edge Construction Analytics

At this point, we’ve all seen how business disruptions—be they an economic recession, a data security breach or a full-blown global pandemic—can impact business. From profit loss to the loss of skilled professionals to the inability to produce an end product, business disruptions can be crippling for owners and financial executives trying to keep their doors open. The construction industry, of course, is no stranger to this.

Arguably among the hardest hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, contractors and construction professionals are going all-in on efforts to modernize and ensure business continuity through these and future disruptions.

More and more contractors have digitized their operations to leverage the cloud and real-time access to data.

A Drive for Digitization

Thankfully, in today’s modern era, technologies abound to help your business be more agile and adaptable to change. And many businesses across the globe are using the recent pandemic as justification to get off the schnide when it comes to their own modernization efforts.

Even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, an Ohio State University study of 1,000 mid-market companies in various industries. Of those surveyed, despite short-term drops in revenue, spending, employment and more, one thing that remains firmly on the books (and is even slightly increasing) are digital transformation plans. Why? “Cloud computing, digital platforms, and other services can enable them to scale and grow with much less capital than before,” this Fortune article notes.

Yes, digital transformations may hold the key in helping businesses not only be more agile in how they operate, but boost productivity, speed of delivery and profitability, while cutting costs in other areas like IT and administrative overhead. Moving to the cloud and working with real-time data and decision-making allows companies to move and respond faster with greater accuracy and a deeper understanding of the work they’re producing.

That’s why so many contractors have already digitized their own operations, allowing them to adapt to modern-day project demands, gain better oversight over project management and speed up lagging processes like workflows and reporting to ensure they’re getting paid quicker and keeping cash flow fluid—a vital measurement of contractors’ financial health.

But the benefits of a digital transformation don’t just end there.

The construction industry is now in the midst of a data transformation, providing contractors with powerful solutions to do more with their project data.

Undergoing a Construction Data Transformation

Contractors that have already moved to the cloud have found more than just instant access to information and the ability to work and make decisions in real time. Their digital transformations open the door of possibilities to what they can do with the mountains of construction data their projects produce.

Moving to the cloud with an integrated construction suite like Trimble Construction One gives you the ability to deploy real-time data analysis and business intelligence tools. Built into Trimble Construction One, Viewpoint Analytics provides a complete data platform for easy, self-service reporting and allowing you to analyze your data for improved business outcomes.

Built with the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, Viewpoint Analytics dramatically improves your reporting abilities by providing real-time metrics, visualizations and dashboards, easily queried through self-service tools in seconds. Instantly compare and analyze your real-time data in virtually any format you can imagine. This gives contractors the power to understand every nuance of their projects in real time, allowing them to mitigate risks, maximize performance and keep projects moving—a critical advantage to keeping your doors open in times of uncertainty.

Viewpoint Analytics breaks advanced data science down into simple processes for end users, allowing them to gain true business intelligence in minutes versus months.

Hit the "Easy Button" for Your Construction Data Analytics

Trimble Construction One and Viewpoint Analytics provide you with the construction data easy button contractors have been dreaming of. You don’t need a team of advanced data scientists, expensive third-party consultants, or hours upon hours of labor-intensive work to get to this level of insight. And, you do not need to know SQL! Viewpoint Analytics does all of the heavy lifting.

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Thanks to automated data collection and workflows through the connected Trimble Construction One suite, end users can largely plug-and-play within Viewpoint Analytics, easily moving information between data cubes or running advanced data queries in a few clicks. And getting users set up in Viewpoint Analytics is a lot easier than you might think.

Ready to explore your own construction data transformation? Connect with Viewpoint today.

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