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4 Ways to Boost New Tech Adoption with Post-Installation Training

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The construction industry has seen a significant increase in the adoption of new technologies, including construction software, drones, robotics, and other innovative solutions.

There’s one powerful, but often-overlooked secret ingredient to unlocking a construction project's full potential and maximizing return on investment: the training that happens after your team adopts a new technology.

This essential element ignites the successful adoption of new systems or processes, so you get a quick return on your new technology investment—and cultivate a culture of performance. Without proper training, these investments can quickly become wasted resources.

Read on to see how you can make sure your team is leveraging your new technology with post-installation training—and scroll down to see how Canadian companies can leverage grants to help fund training for their team!

How Does Software Training Increase Adoption? 

  1. Employee buy-in: Imagine if your employees were actually eager to adopt new technology. Comprehensive training demonstrates the value of the system, sparking a sense of enthusiasm and commitment among employees. As employees grasp how technology can revolutionize their work, they'll become champions of change.

  2. Building Culture through empowerment: A carefully crafted training program is a commitment to employee growth and development. This in turn fosters a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, problem-solving, and a more agile workforce.

  3. Leverage new capabilities: When employees are fully trained on the new tool, they can use it in new ways to solve their unique problems—and you can ensure you’re getting the full benefit.

Ongoing support and coaching can help employees overcome challenges they may encounter during the adoption process.

2. Utilize online training platforms: These platforms, such as Viewpoint Academy provide free access to fundamental information, with advanced training at a cost. While this training does not qualify for the provincial grant funding, the information provided is a great place to start to understand the software and perform basic functions.

3.Viewpoint Professional Services: Set your organization up for success with dedicated support and ongoing assistance with customer support from veteran industry professionals. Viewpoint customers can network and get training tips in the award-winning Network.

Any time your company is onboarding new software, don't forget the proper setup and training. It's the fastest way to ensure good return on your new investment, and ultimately contributes to a culture of performance.

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