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Top 5 Questions from Collaborate, Answered


1. What is ViewpointOne and how does it differ from Viewpoint's ERPs like Vista or Spectrum?

ViewpointOne is a suite of connected construction and business management solutions for today's modern contractors.

ViewpointOne is the name of our integrated, cloud-based suite of software that includes your Viewpoint ERP and a host of other integrated solutions like Viewpoint Team, Viewpoint Analytics, Viewpoint HR Management and other web and mobile enabled applications. The ViewpointOne suite connects your organization’s people, projects, and processes via these integrated solutions, to provide real-time data and workflows across your office, team, and field.

2. Do I have to be hosted in Viewpoint’s cloud to access the ViewpointOne benefits?

ViewpointOne solutions leverage the cloud to provide the latest technology and innovation to users.

Yes, and here’s why: In order to take advantage of the very latest technology innovations, you have to harness and leverage the full power of cloud computing. That’s why ViewpointOne was built in Microsoft Azure with applications that have been designed for all of the critical roles in your business. By operating in a hosted environment, we can deliver cutting-edge software innovations to you with ease - and without you having to reconfigure your own software stacks in order to start using these features. This allows us to increase the speed of our technology development, and do so on a platform that is scalable and reliable so that technology innovation becomes seamless for you, the end user.

We also understand that not everyone is ready to move to the cloud this very moment, so we’re still enhancing our on-premise solutions as well. In fact, many new features like data and analytics tools, Viewpoint ePayments and robust field and service management applications can still be run outside of ViewpointOne.

3. What about Viewpoint Team — where does that fit in?

Viewpoint Team gives contractors the connected project management tools they need to stay on top of their jobs and collaborate in real time.

Viewpoint Team, our project management and collaboration solution is the glue of ViewpointOne integration. Integrated with both Vista or Spectrum, Viewpoint Team is the portal that facilitates real-time transfer of financial project data and workflows between the back office, field crews and extended project stakeholders like project owners, subcontractors, vendors and architects and engineers.

One single access point enables the back office and extended teams to track what is happening on the jobsites and immediately collaborate with other team members to keep jobs on time and on budget. For project managers and field crews, Team provides access to documents and drawings, project communication, data collection and, soon , project financial information, in the browser or on a mobile device. The result is the free flow of accurate, real-time information for all relevant stakeholders.

4. Analytics: What are you doing on that front and how can I access it?

Viewpoint Analytics makes advanced reporting and detailed data analysis a simple process - for virtually anyone in your construction organization.

Viewpoint Analytics is a key solution in our data transformation strategy. Viewpoint Analytics helps contractors predict and prepare for optimal project and business performance, by accessing and analyzing data captured across the company — from the back office, project teams and in the field. Built with the leading-edge Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, Viewpoint Analytics dramatically improves your reporting abilities by providing real-time metrics, visualizations and dashboards, easily queried through self-service tools that anyone in your organization can use.

5. How does ViewpointOne help me on the HR front?

The digitization of HR paperwork, streamlined workflows and self-service tools make Viewpoint HR Management a must-have for contractors.

Part of the ViewpointOne suite, Viewpoint HR Management is integrated directly with your ERP solution. HR Management digitizes traditional paper-based HR processes and streamlines them with real-time workflows. For construction HR professionals, this means paperless hiring and onboarding processes that can be completed in minutes versus hours. It also helps HR teams stay in compliance with vital regulatory requirements such as EEO, AA, Vets-100, I-9 and ACA reporting — in real time.

For your employees, self-service tools provide them with easy access to the information important to them personally, such as pay and benefits information, pay stubs, tax forms, personal info, time off requests, company documents and more. The automated, integrated workflows in Viewpoint HR Management reduces the need for duplicate data entry, reducing errors and freeing up valuable time for both HR departments and employees. This allows our clients to focus on their people over paperwork.

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