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Welcome to the New Viewpoint Help!


How a single platform for online help will provide a connected user experience to mirror our ViewpointOne suite of connected construction solutions

Viewpoint Help consolidates online help systems for multiple Viewpoint products and solutions into a single resource.

With ViewpointOne™, we’ve delivered a connected construction management suite for our clients that connects their people, projects and processes with solutions and data to better manage their operations and improve performance and profitability. Now, a connected Viewpoint Help solution delivers an integrated, modern information solution — perfectly suited for ViewpointOne — to our clients as well. 

The Information Experience team here at Viewpoint recently launched Viewpoint Help in order to consolidate online help systems for multiple products into a single resource. An essential part of software applications, the new online help platform delivers step-by-step procedures and reference information to assist customers in using a product, from initial setup and day-to-day tasks to system administration and mobile integration. In most Viewpoint applications, customers access online help from a Help Menu located on the toolbar. In the ViewpointOne platform, customers access help from the Resource Center.

How Viewpoint Help is Different?

Viewpoint Help is a website that gives customers access to product documentation from one location.

What makes Viewpoint Help different from what's been delivered in the past?

  • A single point of entry for content:
  • Dynamic search capability across multiple products and versions
  • Ease in socializing Help pages
  • Ability to print or create PDFs of individual pages or entire sections of content

    Viewpoint Help is a website that gives customers access to product documentation from one location. Customers can still access help from Viewpoint products like they always have, but now they can search and browse for content across multiple products and versions, starting from a single link.

    Enhanced search capability allows users to filter for specific product pages and easily switch to another product's content from the same page. Previously, customers had to go to different websites to find information about an application.

    In addition, Viewpoint Help gives customers the ability to print pages and create PDFs directly from the website. Customers can print or make PDFs of individual help pages or whole sections of content, all from the Print icon.

    Watch this video for a walkthrough of Viewpoint Help:

    What Sparked Viewpoint Help

    Users can search a robust library of documentation and learning assets to find solutions to issues and best practices in getting the most out of their construction solutions.

    When surveyed about the help offerings for Viewpoint products, customers expressed concerns about searchability, ease of finding information on a help page and consistency.

    Viewpoint Help was the product of those customer studies combined with a drive toward modernizing content development and delivery methods. “Like all good initiatives, Viewpoint Help came from a customer need,” says Victor Solano, Viewpoint's senior director of user experience. "Our customer expectations have grown as we have grown, and it was time to improve the overall experience based on specific customer feedback.”

    Part of that initiative was unification. As Solano explained, “We needed to create a unified help experience that was modern, accessible, and a reliable learning solution for users of the ViewpointOne platform.”

    Because product help is comprehensive, including detailed workflows, learning videos, and reference information, it provides a frontline, self-service solution for customers who have already completed training through the Viewpoint Academy. "After customers start operating ViewpointOne products, they need quick answers to their questions. Those answers come from Viewpoint Help,” Solano said.

    In addition, the Information Experience team was able to take advantage of cutting-edge authoring tools that allow for quicker content development and delivery. “Our content is now built in a highly scalable format,” Solano said, making it easier to create, update, and deliver help on shorter timelines.

    A Phased Delivery Approach

    Viewpoint Help features deep levels of knowledge on each of our products, including breakdowns of new features and release highlights to keep you in the know.

    Viewpoint Help will deliver product content in phases:

        The multi-phased delivery approach allows for extensive user studies and design iterations to enhance key elements of Viewpoint Help, including navigation, searchability, and practicality.

        We knew that whatever we designed had to enhance the user's experience. The Information Experience team plans to continue user studies as the website moves into subsequent development phases.

        Drive Toward Integration

        Additional resources like the Viewpoint Academy and Support Knowledge Base can all be accessed via the single Viewpoint Help site.

        The decision to deliver an integrated online Help system came naturally. Integration is the cornerstone of our ViewpointOne strategy, and we wanted our customers to have integrated online help resources to serve ViewpointOne solutions.

        Customers can also use the Viewpoint Help site as an access point for other key Viewpoint learning resources, including the Viewpoint Academy and Support Knowledge Base. All three of these resources work together to provide information essential to customer learning:

        • Viewpoint Help delivers comprehensive instructions and videos on how to use a product, and describes enhancements and changes for each release.
        • Viewpoint Academy provides extensive product training with role-based learning paths and certifications.
        • Support Knowledge Base offers troubleshooting and technical articles to help resolve specific issues within Viewpoint applications.

        Viewpoint is committed to providing consistent customer learning experiences. Unifying our online help content is crucial to meeting that commitment so that our customers can find product information quickly, without disrupting their workflow. Viewpoint Help is accessible to all users within a customer's organization. No login or special credentials required.

        Over the next few quarters, you will see additional enhancements to Viewpoint Help. Look for future announcements about this initiative. 

        To explore Viewpoint Help for yourself, go to Or, if you’d like to talk to Viewpoint about how we can help with a specific issue, contact us today!

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