Outperforming During a Pandemic: How Haugland Group Built an Award-Winning Project in Record Time


Haugland Group beginning work on the Westchester County Center to ensure its readiness as a COVID-19 Alternative Care Facility.

With the rise of COVID-19 pandemic cases growing at an alarming rate across New York state early in 2020, hospitals were finding themselves beyond maximum capacity. It soon became clear that emergency measures were needed to add more facilities to treat those that had fallen ill.

Enter Haugland Group, which was employed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to help convert the Westchester County Center into a COVID-19 Alternate Care Facility (ACF). With an aggressive timeline of just 21 days to complete the project and the White Plains, N.Y. area being heavily affected by the pandemic, Haugland Group knew it didn’t have any time to waste. 

Rising to the Challenge

A group shot of all employees who worked on the Westchester County Center to complete the project in 21 days.

The construction company got right to work designing and planning out the transformation of the ACF. With the help of engineers, designers, suppliers and project managers, tasks that should have taken weeks were completed in a matter of days. The project called for 110 ICU rooms to be constructed within the facility, each including a monitoring system to ensure negative air pressure and minimize virus transmission, nurse call stations, building automation controls, fire sprinkler systems and back up power generators in care of an emergency.

During the second week of construction, a change in the contract was made and additional medical gas supply systems were needed in each room. This addition required ordering, transporting and installing four large oxygen tanks and piping to each room with approximately a week left before the project deadline.

Despite this last minute adjustment, Haugland Group was able to make the 21 day deadline. The project was completed with more than 85,000 man hours and zero injuries. Additionally, the company thoroughly ensured that their employees were safe on the job during the pandemic and completed the Westchester County Center without any COVID-19 cases on the project site.

Earned Honors

Haugland Group’s ability to maintain focus and complete the project on a tight deadline despite the last minute changes earned them a Viewpoint Construction Award for Greatest Pivot on a Project at our Viewpoint Collaborate 2020 conference last September.

A judging panel reviewed the nominated projects and selected winners from three categories: most challenging project, most innovative use of Viewpoint technology and the greatest pivot on a project. In selecting the Haugland Group as the winner for greatest pivot, judges noted how the company persevered through a global pandemic and incredibly short deadline to complete a project that provided aid and assistance to so many in need. Watch Haugland Group’s story here:

Construction Collaboration, Project Management Tracking Critical to Success

Viewpoint Team was used by Haugland Group to keep track of their quickly moving project and manage documents throughout the process.

To complete the Westchester County Center, Haugland Group relied on Viewpoint Team to keep track of the quickly moving project and ensure everyone was on the same page. With a critical time frame. Having Team’s collaborative project and document management capabilities in place ensured everyone on the project remained focused throughout the 21 days. All project documentation and workflows occurred seamlessly in real time to each team member so that they had the data they needed when they needed it..

As part of the ViewpointOne suite, Viewpoint Team is a powerful, collaborative construction project management solution, integrated with Vista’s Project Management module. Viewpoint Team connects the back office and field operations with your extended team of subcontractors, suppliers, architects and owners. This allows your PMs to manage their projects collaboratively, in the field, without the need to log in to Vista, increasing speed, reducing risk, and providing greater confidence.

Viewpoint Team provides:

  • Complete document control, including daily logs, submittals, RFIs, issues, closeout and handoff documents and more
  • Automated workflows and alerts letting each project stakeholder know when the ball is in their court
  • A single location for construction ready drawings and also includes mobile markup and sheet comparisons so drawings can be analyzed and updated quickly from any location

    To learn more about Team and how Viewpoint can help your construction organization, contact us here.

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