Viewpoint Team Solves ‘The Missing Link’


How automated hyperlinking for construction drawings ensures projects, data stay up-to-date and easily accessible

The digitization of construction documents and drawings has help contractors move past the headaches of paper and manual processes.

It’s amazing sometimes to think about just how much digitization has changed the very way construction projects are carried out.

Not all that long ago — in the days before digitized document technologies like PDFs — contractors had to deal with large, paper drawing sets of plans and specs in order to complete their projects. These paper drawings, plans and specs were not only cumbersome to work from on the jobsite, they were difficult to transport between the field and office when needed, and even harder to decipher the countless markups, changes and data scribbled in margins when project changes occurred.

The Benefits — and Drawbacks of PDFs — for Construction Drawings

With direct hyperlinking in Viewpoint Team, users can click on one set of drawing sets and instantly bring up related drawings, documents or information.

Hyperlinking technology within PDFs made things even easier, allowing contractors to connect data within PDFs to specific records in their construction ERP and/or project management software solutions. But construction teams still had to sort through dozens, sometimes hundreds of different individual PDF drawings or drawing sets that each had their own references to other drawing sets when they needed to understand the most current project plans.

This meant project engineers, project managers or field crew supervisors were still spending a great amount of time and resources ensuring that every little detail was lined up correctly. Until now.

Automated Hyperlinking in Viewpoint Team

Easily set up and search for linkable documents or data.

Viewpoint Team now features the ability to hyperlink from one drawing or drawing set to another set. This breakthrough means finding the right documentation in the right order is easier than ever. When one set of plans is updated, hyperlinks to those changes can be easily added to all other relevant drawings or drawing sets to ensure proper versioning control.

Now, all project stakeholders — whether they’re in-field crews and supervisors, project managers, back-office account teams, or executives — can navigate the most up-to-date versions of drawing sets quickly and easily. This significantly reduced the amount of time project teams spend trying to find the right set of drawings, as well as reduces risk of project errors by further ensuring teams are working from the latest version at all times.

Hyperlinks can also link the latest data directly between drawings and submittals, RFIs, issues and other project documents, so that project teams can quickly reconcile data between drawings and other project documentation without additional manual steps.

Watch how automated hyperlinking in Viewpoint Team works in this video:

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