4 Key Tips for Managing Construction Drawings in Viewpoint Team


Managing papers and drawings in the field can not only be a pain, but it can complicate the communication process back to the office. Luckily, Viewpoint Team is here to help simplify those processes. While Team offers contractors a host of modern project management tools to improve project delivery, the advanced drawing tool is one that many don’t use to its fullest extent.

Viewpoint Team allows you to upload, share and manage complete digital drawing sets for your projects. Team lets you mark up drawings with intuitive versioning control, connect drawings through hyperlinks to other drawings or specific areas or tasks like RFIs or submittals, tag and organize drawings and much more.

Cameron Smith, a software consultant for Viewpoint recently took some time to break down the modern construction drawings tool and its capabilities within Viewpoint Team in this webinar: The Punch List! ViewpointOne Team Drawings. Smith shared four key tips for Viewpoint Team users to get the most out of digitized construction drawing processes.

Tip #1: Manage Your Specifications with the Drawing Tool

Viewpoint Team helps contractors streamline management of highly complex construction drawing sets.

Viewpoint Team’s drawings tool has value beyond simply managing construction drawing sets. Many customers are using the streamlined workflows and digital capabilities to manage other critical project management and documentation processes — like specifications using the drawing tool. Like with drawings, specifications can be easily managed, versioned and shared out to project teams. Through Team settings, contractors have the ability to control all things drawing related in order to make sure their team has access to everything they need out in the field.

Tip #2: Use Views to Create Standard Exports

Use Viewpoint Team to create individual data and reporting exports that meet your team's specific needs.

Even with the advances in digitization, there are still times when printed records and reports are needed. This means data and report exports are frequently needed throughout your construction projects. With Viewpoint Team, these documents can be created to fit each team’s specific needs. The ‘views section’ allows contractors to specify what columns and specific information they would like included in the export. This can be changed at any time and provides construction organizations with the ability to simplify and save time on any following processes.

Tip #3: Don’t Forget About Team Mobile

Make the drawing process easier by using Viewpoint Team on a mobile device or tablet.

One of the biggest benefits that today’s modern project and document management solutions provide is the ability to untether yourself from the back office. Viewpoint Team is also available for tablet and mobile devices. Offered for both Apple and Android devices, Team can be used to manage projects wherever your jobs take you — whether the back office, on the jobsite, while traveling or working from home. By simply picking your device and access method, paper and drawing processes are streamlined and made easy.

Tip #4: Adoption Best Practices

Make sure to take advantage of the support and Professional Services resources offered through Viewpoint!

Of course, all the very best technologies in the world won’t make a difference if your teams won’t use them, so you should be transparent with project teams. Show them the benefits and how much time and effort it will save. Perhaps start implementing technologies like Team with a specific project and begin modeling best practices. Users that are enthusiastic about technology can become great advocates within your company.

Don’t forget about all of the additional tips and tricks available to your team. Within the Team dashboard, clicking on the ‘Help’ icon will take you to a variety of tools including articles, videos, the suggestion box and more. This is a great way to get new users up to speed and filled in on all the Team basics. 

Viewpoint Professional Service is also available for use. Our team of product professionals are always available to help with any product questions and training needs. Feel free to call at any time to schedule a meeting. 

To learn more about Viewpoint Team and watch a full product demo, watch the full webinar:

If you are interested in learning more about Viewpoint Team and how we can help your team manage drawings, please contact us today.

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