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OCTOBER 2020: Self-Service Reporting for Operations Data in Viewpoint Team™

Viewpoint Team users with the appropriate access can now start building their own reports and dashboards for operations data within Team, using powerful business intelligence tools through the connected Viewpoint Analytics solution. Users can launch Viewpoint Analytics from the same portal as Viewpoint Team and begin creating virtually any style of report or data visualization on specific operations data using simple drag and drop data features. Accessing the powerful analytic tools within Team allows users to better understand their project data, compare and contrast multiple projects at once and ultimately make smarter project and business decisions.

Learn more in this informative video:

Viewpoint Analytics is a game changer for contractors. Getting started is easy — we break down how in this blog.

SEPTEMBER 2020: Mobile Signature Capture for Spectrum Service Tech™ Mobile App

The 2020 R4 release of Spectrum’s Service Tech mobile solution includes the ability to capture electronic signatures in the field so service technicians can help speed up service contractors' billing and payment processes.

Service Tech’s electronic signature capability also improves customer service and reduces risks. Emails with signature authorization for work or payment can be made available to customers all using the app, reducing the odds of billing disputes. Signatures can be captured at multiple times should different approvals be needed in technicians’ processes, and signatures can even be captured offline and synced with the back office later. The signature page is simple for techs to use and allows them a quick way to review their work.

Watch how Service Tech’s new signature capture works in this video:

Read more about the Service Tech mobile solution here.

SEPTEMBER 2020: Job Cost Field Ticketing Capabilities in Viewpoint Vista™

A key part of Viewpoint’s 2020 R2 release for Vista, the job cost field ticketing feature helps users easily create and track field tickets. With a new ticketing form connected to Vista’s job cost contract master, users can manage their customer and project budgets more easily. Field tickets can be linked directly to customer purchase orders, as well as to labor, equipment and materials costs within Vista.

This allows Vista users to quickly create time and material billings based on approved tickets, leading to faster payments. The following video walks through For a full walkthrough of how the new field ticketing capabilities work:

Read more about Vista’s field ticketing capabilities here in this blog.

AUGUST 2020: Enhanced Photo Capabilities in Viewpoint Team™

As part of Viewpoint Team’s complete project management and document control functionality, users can now easily capture, share and organize project photos from a central location. Construction professionals on the jobsite can easily snap photos from their iOS or Android devices and upload them directly to Team in seconds. Photos can be added directly to shared albums, or users can create separate albums with subfolders for different projects or phases. Users can also define tags and add descriptions to photos within Viewpoint Team, allowing your whole team to be on the same page.

See this enhanced photo sharing in action:

Learn more about how Viewpoint Team’s enhanced photo capabilities and how they can change the game for project managers.

JULY 2020: Custom Forms in Viewpoint Team™

Viewpoint Team now supports customer forms! Users with permissions can quickly and easily build customized form templates and assign to projects, allowing contractors to capture virtually any data fields they want, and improving project communication and collaboration between the field and back office.

Watch how it works:

Interested in learning about all of Viewpoint Team’s features? Visit Viewpoint’s Product Help site, to get an in-depth look at Team, and all Viewpoint products.

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