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Wondering where to find support and help in solving issues with your Trimble Viewpoint software? Look no further! Here's a glimpse into our conversation with Eric Salmassy, Knowledge Operations Analyst, who taught us all about the Viewpoint Customer Portal!

Tell me about the Viewpoint Customer Portal.

The Customer Portal is a vast trove of resources where customers can find all sorts of product information. We have over 25,000 knowledge base articles on product updates, new releases, general product information, and much more. The Customer Portal is also where customers can go to chat with our Customer Support staff, open a support case, or search the knowledge base for information to help solve product issues. 

Check out these 5 hidden gems in the Customer Portal!

If someone is new to Trimble Viewpoint software, what would you like them to know about the Customer Portal?

The Customer Portal has lots of product information geared towards new users and “getting started” guides. We are also continually adding video guides to the site for folks that are more visual learners. These videos walk through common problems and allow for customers to work alongside the video and learn.

Those new to the Portal should also take advantage of the Subscribe & Get Notifications feature. Customers can subscribe to articles of areas of interest and receive email notifications any time the information is updated. For example, Year-End is a popular topic across all organizations. We recommend that customers subscribe to all Year-End articles in order to receive updates as new information and instructions become available. This feature ensures our customers are up to date on the articles that are most important to them.

The same goes for common product issues. Customers are able to subscribe to specific issues and receive updates as problems are resolved and expected to roll out. 

New customers should also be sure to check out and take advantage of our additional customer success resources! On the Customer Portal homepage, you will find quick links to each resource: Viewpoint Academy, Viewpoint Help, and The Network.

How is the Customer Portal linked with support? How do I know when to use the Support Chat feature rather than open a support case?

Through the Customer Portal, all customers can easily access our support services. Customers can chat online with support representatives or open a support case.

Have a quick issue to fix? Use the chat feature! Chat is best used when you have a fairly straightforward issue, like a specific error appearing or you’re missing a step in a process. Chat should be used for “quick fix” types of issues.

For more complex and multi-step issues, you will want to create a support case. By creating a case, you will work directly with a support specialist to solve the issue you are experiencing. You will also have access to the status of your case, any emails or exchanges, and more, all within the Customer Portal.

How is the Customer Portal different from the Viewpoint Help?

The Customer Portal should be used for troubleshooting. This resource is full of articles based on common issues and solutions for these issues. When customers open support cases, they are presented with articles that may help them solve the issue they are experiencing right away. We have found that 15 to 20% of cases are solved with these articles.

Viewpoint Help should be used to learn about products from official product documentation. This is a resource customers should go to when they’re looking to learn more and educate themselves on a product rather than solve a problem, although checking the Help file is always a great first step before contacting Support when encountering a problem.

Can you tell me about consulting and technical services offerings through the Viewpoint Customer Portal?

Yes, you can open a services request for ongoing consulting and Technical Services on the homepage of the Customer Portal. Through our consulting opportunities, customers have the opportunity to work with our Professional Services team on one-off training sessions. Maybe you’re looking for someone to double check our system to ensure it’s set up optimally, or you need a few extra hands to onboard new employees, our consulting team is ready to help!

Our Technical Services offering is available for customers who have a personalized technical support need. If your organization is in need of customized programming or reporting, specialized processes, or anything that requires a personalized technical approach, customers can easily submit a request for Technical Services!

How do I access the Customer Portal?

To access the Customer Portal, a user (administrator) at your organization who has “full” access will need to create a login for you. Every organization has at least one administrator, if not more. Once your account is set up, you can head to to login. Unsure who your Customer Portal rep is? Generally speaking, portal admins are high ranking financial or technical managers such as Controllers, CFOs, IT Managers, etc.

How great does the Customer Portal sound? Head on over and check it out today!

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