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Trimble Viewpoint Customers: Join The Network! It's Your Online Community

Connect. Learn. Get Recognized


If you’re a Trimble Viewpoint customer and not a member of The Network, you’re missin’ out! 

The Network is our award-winning online community of almost 7,000 construction industry professionals who all use Trimble Viewpoint technology solutions. 

Inside the community, users have the opportunity to participate in lively discussions, learn how to get the most out of their technology, share feedback and engage with Trimble Viewpoint product experts, and stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the world of construction. 

And the best part? All of this is included in your subscription of Trimble Viewpoint software.

The Network is every Trimble Viewpoint customer's one-stop-shop.

Within The Network, community members have access to loads of content, including webinars, best practices, tips & tricks, event information, details on product feature updates, and more. 

Members are also the “first to know” when any new information or announcements are released. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? With topics focused on technology, cybersecurity, DEI, sustainability, there is something for everyone, regardless of experience level or job title.

With quick links to Viewpoint Customer Portal, Viewpoint Academy, and Viewpoint Help, The Network is every Viewpoint customer's one-stop shop.

Grow, Achieve, and Earn Rewards While Doing It!

And if all that content wasn’t enough, community members are also rewarded for their growth and achievements! Collect points as you complete product training, watch webinars, and grow as a construction professional, and then cash in those points for something from our extensive rewards catalog!

Still not convinced you should join? Take a tour!

Whether it’s connecting with like-minded software users, thought leaders, and the Trimble Viewpoint team, or getting updates on product releases, enhancements, and new features—The Network is here for individuals to connect with those who know the software best.

If you’re a Trimble Viewpoint customer and interested in joining The Network, sign up today! It is free and included in your software subscription. We will see you inside!

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Kati is an Associate Manager of Customer Advocacy at Trimble Viewpoint, enthusiastic about all things marketing and construction.

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