Highlights from the 2023 Viewpoint Spectrum User Summit

Automation, Security, Integration & Customer Connection


Spectrum customers rooted for Mary the cat, who made a guest appearance during the keynote

Maybe it was the great Spectrum customer questions. Or it could have been the new Spectrum product releases, like Automatic Invoicing.

Or (let’s be honest) it was when Mary the cat pulled a Houdini and made a guest appearance during the keynote presentation.

Whatever the magic ingredient was for you, the Trimble Viewpoint Spectrum User Summit 2023 was a great time of education and connection, and a lot of information was shared.

Here are the top six lessons we learned from the Trimble Viewpoint Spectrum User Summit 2023!

Viewpoint product experts demonstrate Spectrum integrations

2. Integration Partners Help Connect the Data

None of us can go it alone. That’s never been more true than in 2023, and that’s why Trimble Viewpoint has been building an open ecosystem, so construction companies to connect their own systems of data, systems, partners, and even vendors.

The newly dedicated Trimble Construction Integrations team (formerly known as Ryvit) will be moving faster than ever, thanks to Data Xchange and App Xchange. Data Xchange and App Xchange will:

  1. connect common systems for you
  2. help you connect more of your own systems yourself

Data Xchange provides connectors that allow end users to manage their data flows between two connected systems. The vast majority of the connections you'll take advantage of can be monitored via Data Xchange.

Watch the keynote on-demand
Vivekan Iyengar Senior Director of Product Management, talks about connecting data with Data Xchange and App Xchange

But we know that integrations are more than just connecting two systems.

That's where App Xchange will serve many customers very well — it's the configurability portal that allows you to map the data that will be exchanged across the systems that are most critical to you.

3. Change Management is just one connected workflow for Spectrum users

Based in New Hampshire, B2W is the leading provider of estimating and operations solutions for the heavy civil construction industry. The addition of B2W's suite of pre-construction and operations capabilities will expand both Trimble's already extensive civil infrastructure portfolio as well as the growth of Trimble Construction One.

4. All-in on Spectrum in the Cloud

Here's the truth: The cloud lets us build more securely, faster, and with greater ability to expand to your needs. 

We need to focus resources in the areas where most contractors want to grow — and that means development on the cloud, to serve the 80% of Spectrum customers who are already there.

Support and development will be ending for on-premise Spectrum users in 2025. But if you're not already in the cloud, don't worry—we're here to help! We want to help you do this in the best way possible for your team and your business. 

Look for email communications to keep you in the loop and on track.

Watch this session on-demand
Product Manager Melissa Dixon explains the MEP model-to-procurement workflow, an example of connected construction

The biggest question is: Do you have a plan for transitioning to the cloud?

If not, let us help. We’ve helped tens of thousands of Spectrum users make the journey, and our implementation team is second to none.

Reach out to your account manager or contact us on the website to start your journey to the cloud.

“For anyone asking, the cloud is AWESOME! Wish we would have done it a long time ago.” - Stephen K., CFO, a deep foundations construction company

We're also doing our best to expand across the technology ecosystem, extending partnerships to some of the most important players in the technology space. For example, the work we’ve been doing with Microsoft, Trimble is their dedicated construction partner.

Spectrum users who are already in the cloud with Trimble Construction One right now: You might not have even realized that we've spent the last year moving your instances seamlessly to Microsoft Azure!

With the Viewpoint Spectrum User Summits in our rear view mirror, we’re looking ahead to the Vista User Summit this week … and farther down the road (but coming up quickly) is Trimble Dimensions!

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