Transforming Construction HR: How DP Electric Netted Honors for its App-Based Approach


With multiple projects running at once and hundreds of employees scattered across various job sites, DP Electric needed a way to simplify its processes and track attendance. As a solution, the company worked to create three applications to assist in streamlining processes. All three apps work to connect the office and field staff, while integrating with Viewpoint’s HR Management solution in order to better streamline its employee management capabilities.

Building Intuitive Apps

Attendance tracking application developed by DP Electric to monitor employee attendance across job sites.

DP Electric’s attendance tracking app has provided the company with the ability to record, track and share information surrounding employee attendance. Through this application, the formen are able to log into the field operations portal, submit attendance for all employees on site, and send the information directly to the office. This process automatically inputs data into Viewpoint HR Management and an email is generated to all employees involved.

Due to an increase in issues surrounding tardiness and no-shows, DP Electric also developed a point system to reference for disciplinary actions where points are given for various negative attendance actions. For example, a no show equals three points, arriving late equals one point, and a pre-approved absence is half a point. With a rolling 90 day period of time, employees are not allowed to exceed four points. Through the daily attendance tracking system, points are automatically awarded and managed through HR Management, where updates are sent out as needed.

Employee annual review application helps the HR department minimize paper and streamline processes.

Additionally, DP Electric created a second solution that allows for employee annual skill level reviews to be completed and returned within Viewpoint HR Management. All data from this application is dispersed to involved employees automatically and allows the office staff to review the information as soon as it is sent their way. By streamlining this process, the company has been able to get rid of spreadsheets and paper reviews, saving time and money for the office and field staff.

DP Electric's PTO software solution integrated with Viewpoint HR Management.

The third application was created to track PTO requests. Using Viewpoint HR Management, employees are able to request time off through their employee portal. Payroll specialists then receive the requests and are able to quickly begin the approval process. With synced time off requests and availability through a single integrated app, the office staff have been able to better use their time throughout each day.

Award-Worthy Construction HR Innovation

With these three applications, DP Electric has seen an increase in cohesiveness and communication. Using solutions that connect the office and the field through an integration with Viewpoint HR Management, the company has begun to work as a whole unit. These advancements earned DP Electric a Viewpoint Construction Award for Most Innovative use of Viewpoint Technology at our Viewpoint Collaborate 2020 conference last September.

A judging panel reviewed the nominated projects and selected winners from three categories: most challenging project, most innovative use of Viewpoint technology and the greatest pivot on a project. The judges were greatly impressed by the company’s ability to develop such a complex system that integrated seamlessly with Viewpoint HR Management.

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Removing the Construction HR Burden

Viewpoint HR Management, part of the ViewpointOne suite of connected construction software solutions, is helping thousands of contractors remove the stress from traditional construction HR practices. Working to reduce manual entry and speed up employee onboarding and workflow, this solution streamlines human capital management processes for contractors, improving productivity in the back office. Through highly efficient processes and increased organization, HR teams are able to spend their time focused on what really matters - helping find and retain stronger construction talent and working with employees to grow their construction careers.

To learn more about HR Management and how Viewpoint can help your company’s HR team, contact us here.

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