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The Best Construction Gifts for the Kids on Your List


We love construction. 

Many of us are parents (and big kids at heart) who know the wonder of wee ones when passing construction sites. “What machine is that?” “What does it do?” “What are they building?” “How long will it take?” “Why do they do it that way?” It’s infectious. 

So we pulled together a list of our favorite construction toys for the holidays! Read on for books, toys, games, and other creative constructible gifts just in case you have a little (or big) kid in your family and need some good ideas for last-minute Christmas presents.

Check out our list of our favorite construction toys for kids:

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site Book

Sometimes it’s really about building the love of something — especially when they are still sticking everything in their mouths and can’t yet control their limbs. This book serves two functions — one, educates kids about construction vehicles and their jobs on the site; and two, gets them settled and ready for bed themselves — just like the equipment. We call that a win/win.

Age range: 0+

Price: around $8.00

Shipping: Free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime.

Construction Plate & Utensils

Maybe it’s for meal times, maybe it’s your camping plate. We won’t judge. Either way, it’s a great gift for the construction site lover on your list – and teaches portioning and food types in the process. It’s easier to get someone to eat their peas if they’re “special green boulders the bulldozer has to pick up and deposit into the mouth cave.” Just sayin’.

Age range: 2-5

Price: About $35 for 3 utensils and a plate.

Shipping: Fastest delivery option will (hopefully!) mean delivery before Christmas.

Plus-Plus Tube

Both you and your kids will enjoy these fun building materials… puzzle pieces! Fit the colorful pieces together for endless possibilities of creativity and fun. If you have a kid who enjoys piecing things together and has some good patience skills, this is the perfect gift!

Age range: 5-12

Price: $7 for the “basic mix”. But here's the catch, it only ships with order of $30+. Luckily there are lots of great finds we're sure your kiddos will also love!

Shipping: Chose express shipping for pre-Christmas delivery.

Construction Worker Role Play Set

What’s that phrase again? Dress for the job you want? Let’s get them started young! This sweet Melissa & Doug costume set gives them a tool belt, hard hat, saw, hammer, safety glasses, safety vest and name tag. Because how can you do all that building without dressing the part? Just be glad the working bullhorn comes with a different set.

Age range: 3-6

Price: Approximately $22 (it's on sale!)

Shipping: It’s Amazon. You’ll get it before Christmas.


Magnets. Plastic. Cool and weird shapes. Plenty of squares for building. Easy to build unique structures. If you want your child to learn to love building, this is the set for you. Magnets make these shapes easy to use and great to build with — no connections or struggling for small hands, the pieces just snap together. 

Age range: 3-10

Price: Starter sets begin at around $50, but the 32-piece set ensures something substantial can be easily built.

Shipping: Order now and this set will arrive by Christmas! Or, spend a few extra $$ and it'll be on your porch tomorrow! 


Want to get them thinking out-of-the-building box? Try odd shapes and non-linear connections. True to their tagline, Squigs are “fun little suckers.” Kids stick them to other Squigs to make unusual and awesome shapes, and can also safely attach them to windows, glass doors, shower doors and anything else a suction cup sticks to. Hours of fun, and doesn’t leave marks (unless left on forehead for extended periods — funny story).

Age range: 3-10

Price: Sets of various sizes start at around $35.

Shipping: You'll get it before Christmas!

Marble Run

Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t love setting up fun tracks and racing marbles? No one. This awesome track comes with 120 various pieces that can be mixed and matched to make the Best. Marble. Track. Ever. And to top it off, you get 50 glass marbles which means the fun never ends. Even when the marbles gradually get lost in every small space within your home. 

Age range: 8+

Price: Around $38

Shipping: Order fast to guarantee delivery by Christmas!

Holiday shopping? Check.

This holiday season, we also acknowledge that it’s not all about the toys or gifts, but about people and relationships. We are grateful for you, our colleagues, clients, and friends, you who are the reason we come to work every day. Thank you for being on the journey with us in 2022. We look forward with great anticipation to success with you in the coming year.

Happy Holidays!

The Trimble Viewpoint Team

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