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5 Technology Adoption Lessons Contractors Can Learn from The Avengers


Superheroes play a large role in almost everyone’s childhood. Whether your favorite superhero was Captain America, Spiderman, Captain Marvel or one of many others, each taught us some valiant quality that we can now apply towards our lives. When it comes to adopting technology into your organization and daily workflows, you just might need some heroic inspiration.

We’ve put together a list of superhero lessons that contractors can learn from some of our favorite Avengers. Don’t worry, just in case you haven’t seen the newest Marvel movies, we went easy on the spoilers!

Embrace Change — Like Captain America

Captain America is not one to resist change. After crashing in the North Atlantic Ocean after being frozen for decades, Cap found himself awake in a new, significantly more modern world. This required him to embrace change and adapt to the technologically advanced environments he found himself in. Transitioning from the way you’ve always done things to a brand new process using technology can sometimes feel like you’re being thrown into a new world where everything is changing at a rapid speed. The best thing you can do in this situation it embrace the change and be open to these new ideas.

Take Calculated Risks and be Thorough in your Technology Evaluation Processes — Like Dr. Strange

Sometimes you have to take big risks in order to better yourself and your construction company. Like Dr. Strange, these risks should be carefully thought through and calculated. When it comes to selecting the right software partner, be thorough in your evaluation process. Switching software can be a long and extensive process so make sure you examine all your options and outcomes before making a selection. While Dr. Strange may be able to see into the future, we cannot. So, don’t make snap decisions until you have determined the right approach and are ready to take the jump.

Become an Innovator and Technology Advocate — Like Tony Stark

Ah, Tony Stark. While he may have a head harder than your hard hat, Iron Man was the driving force behind many innovations seen in the Avenger movies. When in need of inspiration on how you can push your construction company forward despite an unpredictable industry, look to Tony. New technology is being released all the time and many construction companies are too nervous to embrace these innovations. Be someone within your company who supports and encourages these solutions. Your company will be glad they listened to you.

Strive for Excellence in Whatever You Do — Like Thor

Like Thor, we encourage you to strive for excellence in everything you do. Don’t settle for just installing the software and using the basic functions. You didn’t see Thor come to earth and go on to live an average life! He continued to push and fight to be the best version of himself for the Avengers team. Continue to do the same within your construction organization. Constantly be looking for new ways to improve, educate yourself on the newest software features and functionalities and continue to train yourself and your team on better ways to use your software solutions. Lack of progress and improvement could leave your company in the same shape Thor was in during Avengers: Endgame — and we don’t want that. Remember, you’re still worthy!

Don't be Afraid to Step Up, Even if You're New to the Team — Like Spiderman

We all know what it’s like to be the new, perhaps younger, person on the team. Imagine how Spiderman felt being the newest and the youngest member of the Avengers right in the middle of major conflict and division among the team. Talk about nerve-wracking. Even though you may be the new person or the youngest, don’t be afraid to step up. If you have new ideas on how to move your company forward using technology, speak up! You have the advantage of coming into the process with fresh-eyes and that is a valuable perspective that is worth sharing.

Question Your Reality — Like Captain Marvel

Sometimes it’s hard not to settle for what you’re told is right or good. Looking at Captain Marvel for guidance, we encourage you to question your reality. While you hopefully aren’t having flashbacks of your previous life like Captain Marvel, you may be having visions of what your work life would be like with a better construction software. Even though you current software may be “working” for you, do not settle. If you believe that there are easier or more efficient ways to get your job done, then explore your options and look past your current reality.

Always Work Together as a Team — Like The Avengers

Lastly, always work together as a team. There has yet to be an Avenger who saved the world without help from anyone else. In fact, sometimes it takes the entire Marvel universe to get the job done. Change is challenging and will require your whole team to make it happen successfully. Get your whole team on board with your organization’s technology adoption so that you can work together towards success.

While we may not be able to fly or turn into a giant, green, angry man, the characteristics of superheroes are what stick with us beyond our childhood. Their strength, courage and kindness can be contagious, and as we get older, these are qualities allow us to be “superheroes” in our own areas of work. So next time you’re wondering how you can be a superhero in the office or out in the field, look to The Avengers and remember the lessons we have learned from them.

Be your company’s hero and connect with Viewpoint today to learn how you could be reducing workloads, improving construction productivity and boosting profits!

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