A Commitment to Customers’ Construction Technology Success


Trimble Viewpoint Clients Have Access to a Gold Mine of Construction Technology Resources to Maximize their Software Investments and Improve Their Business

The Network is our peer-to-peer community connecting you with Viewpoint professionals and other Viewpoint solution users.

At the beginning of every new year there is always an influx of news articles, blogs, social media posts and videos that speak to the new health and wellness activities we should consider as part of our new year resolutions. Popular recommendations include drinking more water, ramping up your cardio routine, taking on a new activity like yoga or stretching, the list goes on. These resources help millions of folks achieve their goals.

At Trimble Viewpoint, we’re committed to helping you achieve your business goals as well. While we’ve always worked hand in hand with our clients to ensure their continued success, 2021 marks a new pinnacle in terms of the strategic customer resources now available to you that are designed to help you be successful with Trimble Viewpoint products and services.

For instance, the Viewpoint (Trimble) Network is the online peer community built specifically to connect you, our customers, both with Trimble Viewpoint professionals and to each other. Along with easily connecting with other users and participating in active discussion forums, this program also offers product tips and resources, industry thought leadership and best practices, discussion forums and product feedback and much more!

Here’s a look at 10 more construction technology and client support resources Trimble Viewpoint provides:

1. Webinar Digest — This monthly email publication details all upcoming webinars — both public and those specifically for Viewpoint solution users. From product how-tos to thought leadership topics, webinars are a great way to stay up-to-date on Viewpoint products and services. To subscribe to our webinar digest, or any other Viewpoint email communications, visit our Email Subscription Center.

2. Take 15 Webinars — In just 15-minutes, these weekly webinars cover product features, how to solve critical business issues and improve workflows. You can register for these webinars on our website, in the Viewpoint Network or through the monthly webinar digest. Watch this on-demand Take 15 webinar on “Using Data to Manage Profit Fade” below for an example:

Trimble Viewpoint's Customer Portal

3. Trimble Viewpoint Customer Portal – Our Customer Portal is your one-stop for support and product knowledge. You can chat with a support specialist, open a support ticket, troubleshoot technical issues, download the latest releases, access product resources and much more. An authorized user at your company can set up your account in our customer portal at support.viewpoint.com.

The Viewpoint Academy

4. Viewpoint Academy — Are you looking for training or certification? Head to the Viewpoint Academy. You will find quick tips to improve your workflows, learning plans that guide you through role-based training programs, live instructor-led courses and certification programs designed to make you the expert your company needs.

Viewpoint's Customer Success Bulletin

5. Customer Success Bulletin — We’re excited to debut our new email publication in 2021! Our quarterly bulletin is designed to make sure you are aware of the activities, information, updates, and training that are available to you at Viewpoint. We will also highlight recent happenings in our customer success programs, Viewpoint Academy, Viewport Customer Portal, and of course, the Viewpoint Network. Our first issue was sent out on January 26. To subscribe to our Customer Success bulletin, or any other Viewpoint email communications, visit our Email Subscription Center.

Team Up With Viewpoint series

6. Team Up with ViewpointViewpoint Team is the powerful project management solution that is available to our customers through the connected, cloud-based Trimble Construction One suite. This email bulletin comes out the second week of each month and in it you’ll find a series of how-to videos, best practices, customer stories and more. In addition to this publication, we have also started a new “Team Up with Viewpoint” webinar series. In 30-minutes you will receive a demo of a Viewpoint Team feature and after the demo, we have a product expert ready to answer your questions live. Both of these Team-focused resources are designed to help you get started and be successful with Viewpoint Team. Again, be sure to visit our Email Subscription Center if you would like to receive this monthly publication.

Engaging discussion of tech huddle topics and more in the Viewpoint Network.

7. Technology Huddles — Each quarter, our product experts show you what’s new and what’s next for Spectrum, Vista and Team & Field in our Technology Huddle webinars. In addition to the demo, they always leave time to answer your questions. And, we continue the discussion in the Viewpoint Network after the fact. You’ll find a dedicated discussion category for each Technology Huddle so you can review the Q&A, find the webinar recording and ask questions of our product experts yourself. You can register for these webinars in the Trimble Viewpoint Network or through our monthly webinar digest.

Viewpoint's Professional Services team can help guide your technology and business success stories.

8. Professional Services — Trimble Viewpoint’s Professional Services team offers a wide variety of consulting services that can amplify your business. From training on new features and implementing new modules to managing employee changes, we’ve got you covered. Just visit the Viewpoint Customer Portal to submit a services request.

Our Product Releases blog provides continual updates of the latest products and features.

9. Trimble Viewpoint Product Releases Live Blog — If you’re not already, be sure to follow our for the very latest product and enhancements information in our Trimble Viewpoint Product Releases blog. This post is continuously updated with full product releases and individual product enhancements, and it also includes important Viewpoint technology news. Be sure to bookmark this post and check back often!

Viewpoint's Collaborate conference has become one of the construction industry's can't-miss events.

10. Collaborate 2021 Collaborate has for 10 years been Viewpoint’s annual construction technology and user conference. Each year we are excited to bring industry professionals together to address construction’s toughest challenges, extend your product knowledge and help you connect with each other. In 2020, Collaborate became a two-day virtual event for the first time ever and was a huge success with more than 7,300 attendees representing more than 2,500 different companies. As we move deeper into the Trimble family of solutions, this conference will become part of the larger Trimble Dimensions conference moving forward. Stay tuned for 2022 dates and updates. 

To learn more about any of these resources, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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Kathleen is the Customer Advocacy Marketing Manager at Viewpoint. She manages the Viewpoint Network, our online community of users, and is passionate about our customer’s success with Viewpoint Products and Services.