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HP Civil Wins 2023 Construction Award for "Most Challenging Project"


HP Civil is a heavy civil construction company based outside of Salem, Oregon. The company works as a local service provider for public-works construction projects, including bridge, highway, excavation, paving, and more.

HP Civil recently completed Blumenauer Bridge, previously called Sullivan’s Crossing Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge, in Portland, Oregon. Being the company's largest project to date, HP Civil overcame a number of challenges throughout this project. 

HP Civil Construction Awards

Constructing Blumenauer Bridge

Blumenauer Bridge connects two of Portland’s fastest growing neighborhoods, Lloyd and the Central Eastside. The bridge is 475 feets long and 24 feet wide, overlooking seven lanes of I-84 traffic, two active railroad lines, and Sullivan’s Gulch. The 10-foot wide walking and running path, combined with a 14-foot two-way bicycle path, was constructed to honor Congressman Earl Blumenauer for his advocacy related to cycling and pedestrian issues in Portland and across the county.

Made of carbon steel, Blumenauer Bridge is seismically resistant and serves as a backup route for emergency vehicles. To build the tied arch, a special type of 65 KSI Steel was identified and used. The bridge arches are 36 inches in diameter, and were built and transported to Portland from California and Canada. The floor beams were also built with a kink in the middle to allow water to easily run off the bridge in the rainy Oregon weather.

When constructing the bridge, the project site required custom reengineering and a variety of critical project elements, including stormwater management and erosion control. Minimizing the impact on traffic traveling I-84 was very important to the city and team. Through detailed planning, the main section of the bridge was installed over one weekend, limiting traffic interruption to just two days.

Winning Most Challenging Project

HP Civil overcame a number of challenges throughout this project and successfully constructed the Blumenauer Bridge with limited disruption to I-84. The company also worked with a number of partners to identify the proper materials to build Blumenauer Bridge, construct the large pipes and beams off site, and then transport each piece to Portland. For these reasons, HR Civil was awarded the 2023 Construction Award for "Most Challenging Project."

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