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Why Our Support Team is Great

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Customer Success Manager

That’s why each business has their own Customer Success Manager, dedicated to understanding your unique business challenges and helping to train your teams on Trimble Viewpoint software.

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Single Point of Contact

For the first year after implementation is complete, you’ll have access to a single point of contact that knows your business and can help set your team up for success.

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Four Programs of Success

Every Trimble Viewpoint customer has access to four programs designed to help your team be successful and get the most out of their experience. The Customer Success Manager will help familiarise your users with the vast array of resources at their disposal.

The Viewpoint Customer Portal

Your one-stop place for support and product knowledge. Chat with support specialists, open a support ticket, troubleshoot technical issues, download the latest software updates and releases, access product resources, and more!

Viewpoint Academy

Find quick tips to improve your workflows, learning plans that guide you through role-based training programs, live instructor-led courses and certification programs designed to make you the expert your company ne

Viewpoint Help

Designed to give you access to comprehensive product documentation for a number of products and versions in a single location. Dynamic search capabilities allow you to find Help content for multiple products and versions, and the ability to create a PDF of entire sections of content.

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