Building Information Management (BIM)

Viewpoint enables customers to define, monitor, verify and record collaborative file, data and model deliverables and ensure that agreed processes are followed.

When it comes to BIM, how do we agree which bits of work are being done, by when and by whom from our disparate supply chains?

Viewpoint allows each participant to confirm what they will deliver and when, creating a Master Information Delivery Plan with tracking and reporting on the deliverables as the project progresses.

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Ensure BIM Processes

Viewpoints flexible workflow tool ensures that BIM processes for sharing work such as ISO 196450 (formerly BS 1192) are followed.

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Share, Federate and View

With no need for additional software, models can viewed, federated and interrogated using your web browser.

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File Names Followed

Viewpoint’s flexible naming convention tool allows customers to impose any naming convention on all collaborators.

Your Next Big Construction Project: A Big Success

You can streamline your business, stay on target and save time with Viewpoint construction BIM management software.


Construction is the last major industry grouping to address the need for collaborative business processes. In other sectors common communication protocols have become the norm. Not only is this reflected in industry — e.g. manufacturing process, where production data exchange is common across software and component suppliers alike — but in day-to-day working, such as mobile communications where products and networks can communicate. Now common data environments (CDE) provide the construction industry with the tools to collaborate with documents, data and models.


To collaborate successfully in BIM communication is key. If you are a client, good EIR (Employers Information Requirements) are needed. The design and construction team respond to this with their BEP (BIM Execution Plan) which sets out clearly which members of the team will do what and when. Each parties’ deliverables should be defined in a Task Information Delivery Plan (TIDP), and a Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP) should be assembled from these. Performance can then be reported upon as the project progresses.


The virtual digital twin (3D model) of the project allows participants greatly enhanced understanding of the project than was possible in 2D process at all work stages. 3D fly-throughs and visualisations, enhanced coordination and clash detection, and 3D task allocation all increase efficiency and reduce risk. Models uploaded to the CDE can be viewed, federated and marked up using only your browser and the data embedded in the models interrogated.

BIM Collaboration Management Made Easy

This browser-based solution enables project teams to easily access, edit, and revise models, providing a complete picture of the project. Gain confidence by working from a single source for all model information, enabling teams to complete projects faster and more efficiently, from project inception to decommissioning.

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