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Understanding BIM in the UK Part 3: The Role of Uniclass 2015 in Achieving True Standardisation

The more detail throughout a project’s lifecycle, the better., but that doesn't mean the ISO 19650 naming convention is standardization perfected

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Understanding BIM in the UK Part 1: ISO 19650 and the Information Delivery Cycle

Digging into the UK's latest BIM standard, what's changed from previous iterations, and what it means for contractors.

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PAS1192 Process and Workflows within the Common Data Environment (CDE)

Back in 2007 BS1192 set out the processes to be followed within a common data environment (CDE)

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11 Construction Jobs That Work (Much) Better with Construction Technology

New software technology is helping many parts of the construction business go faster. See 11 hotspots where the rubber hits the road!

Construction Technology/News

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Trimble Construction One: What’s Under the Hood?

Get the details on the latest construction management software, with new model-based estimating, service management, on-demand licenses, and more.

Viewpoint Technology

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BS1192 Naming Convention

The naming convention has been around since 2007 when BS1192 was first created.

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The Rise of BIM in the UK

The 2020 BIM Report by NBS shows a continued increase in the adoption of BIM principles and technology across the United Kingdom.

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A Guide to BIM

If you work in construction, you can’t escape the buzz around business information modeling (BIM), the 3D modeling method for project communication.

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