Mastering BIM Implementation Strategies: Choosing the Right Technology


Whether your company is new to the world of BIM or looking for BIM implementation strategies, tools and software that works better for your team, you’ve probably realised that there are lots of options and lots to learn.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is fast becoming standard on large-scale construction projects in the UK and elsewhere, so even if you’re not using this type of software in your business, it’s only a matter of time. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right BIM software solutions and making implementation as smooth and easy as possible.

The amount of construction technology at the industry's fingers has never been greater

Construction Technology Is Essential

The first thing anyone who is investigating BIM implementation strategies, BIM software solutions and collaboration tools for construction is that this kind of technology is essential to success in the modern construction industry.

Not only are BIM and 3D modelling in construction fast becoming required on many types of projects, but the complexity of modern buildings, the speed at which they must be built, and the level of collaboration required from everyone involved means it’s very hard to get to final completion any other way.

Construction industry trends to increase productivity, decrease waste and build innovative structures packed with modern technology have put more pressure on every team on site and off, and construction technology is one of the best ways to offset that.

Change management is a critical part of implementation

Challenges In Change

If you’ve ever tried to manage any sort of change in your organisation, you already know that it’s one of the most difficult things you can do.

Not only are most people in established companies set in their ways and sometimes resentful of new technologies, processes and procedures, but the sheer logistics of running parallel systems, training and onboarding and rolling out new construction project management software is incredibly daunting.

In fact, driving digital change in construction can be every bit as difficult and complex as completing any large construction project. But buildings still have to be built, and if you want to keep up with construction industry trends, you’ll need to find BIM implementation strategies that work for your company.

There are several things you can do to make adopting any construction project management software easier, including:

- Don’t rush into any decisions – take the time to find the right BIM software solutions

- Investigate the company behind the software as well as the platform itself – while you might be able to save some money with a startup, you might compromise on support and other crucial services

- Look for BIM software solutions that integrate with other tools and software you need to use – BIM interoperability allows you to transfer data and information from one system to another faster, easier and with more accuracy

- Get management and team buy-in – no one likes to change from one system to another, but it’s crucial that everyone on the team is invested in the success of your BIM implementation strategies

The Latest In Construction Technology from One of the industry’s Most Established Companies

Tools like Viewpoint for Projects make managing 3D modelling in construction more straightforward and integrate a range of BIM capabilities. Our consultants are experts from the industry and we pride ourselves on being a partner in BIM implementation strategies to give you the collaboration tools for construction you need in the digital age.

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