Highlights from the 2023 Viewpoint Vista User Summit

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“I am enjoying all things Service Management! We are in the middle of going live with this new module so I am soaking up all I can learn." - Senior IT Director at EC Electric

“Vista is the backbone and ProjectSight has everything we want in an online project management platform. It’s enabled complete visibility and total collaboration with everybody on the team.” - Robert Menasco, Director of Field Operations, Martin Horn

Thom Shoernberug, Terri Gresham, and Marissa Baker discuss recruiting and onboarding workflows in Viewpoint HR Management

2. Trimble ID and Workcenter for Viewpoint Vista

We covered some exciting new capabilities that connect Vista to pre-construction data, but I'm going to start off by talking to you about Trimble ID and the Work Center. For all users, it's an experience where you login once to access all your Trimble applications — and everything looks and performs the same.

“There were some interesting features noted in the Top Vista Enhancements sessions. Specifically I’m looking forward to seeing what comes in the Vista Web Office Tools." - IT Business Analyst at Equix, Inc.

Product Manager Heather Smith shows a live demo of the Trimble ID dashboard in Viewpoint Vista

2. Automatic Invoicing for Vista

Using more than 10,000 historical invoices, we’ve built a robust Automatic Invoicing feature that turns PDF invoices into validated, vendor invoice entries in the Vista ERP.

Automatic Invoicing, made possible with Trimble Construction One cloud-based technology, massively reduces manual entry. Automatic Invoicing saves processing time, and greatly improves data accuracy. (Automatic Invoicing is available for the Spectrum ERP, too!)

Micheal N Smith discusses Automatic Invoicing for Vista ERP users

“Becoming a data-driven company in construction right now is really important. In order to do that, we’re embracing all of the tools Viewpoint has to offer. Analytics does a great job of presenting data as a starting point.” - Lindsey Jones, Operations Systems Manager, ATG

"There were some interesting features noted in the Top Vista Enhancements sessions. Specifically I’m looking forward to seeing what comes in the Vista Web Office Tools. - IT Business Analyst at Equix, Inc.

6. Microsoft Azure: Future-proof for the Long Term

We're already delivering to prepare for this fast-paced future. Trimble's partnership with Microsoft, and Viewpoint's development on Microsoft Azure will allow us to:

  • Leverage all of Microsoft Azure's security measures, extending those to Spectrum customers
  • Leverage Microsoft's ability to scale, especially with cloud operations, so we can deliver the tools and workflows you need even faster.

Babbette Freund, EVP of Dave Steel Company, talks to Vista product managers Dan Miller and Ryan Van der Platts about improving workflows

Cloud-Connected or Bust

Rather than worrying about things you can’t control—inflation, COVID, the job market, your teenager—why not focus on what can be controlled? Like technology.

We can’t control life, but we can adjust the inputs and outputs of technology, and according to Trimble Viewpoint GM Lawrence Smith in the Keynote session, that’s where construction companies can see the biggest opportunities.

That’s why Trimble Viewpoint is all-in on cloud technology for Vista: It provides advanced security protections, a holistic view of project profitability, role-based access to connected data, and long-term cost savings. 

Security Benefits of the Cloud

  • SOC 2 Type II & ISO 27001 Certifications via 3rd Party
  • Best-in-Class Solutions to Prevent Ransomware Attacks
  • In-House 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC)
Micheal N Smith explains Vista Web Tools

Even more, cloud-based Vista can take advantage of the many, many Trimble Construction One workflows and partner ecosystem.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that support for on-premise Viewpoint Vista is ending by December 31, 2026. (Don’t worry—we’ve still got your back!) That’s because we can build software faster in the cloud. It’s more secure, and allows us to connect more broadly with Trimble and beyond, plus, most of our customers are already there.

Do you have a plan? If not, let us help you create one!

With the Viewpoint Vista User Summit in our rear view mirror, we’re looking down the road (but coming up quickly) to share even more insights to help you go faster, at Trimble Dimensions! 

Check out the details, and register for Dimensions soon for the best pricing!

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