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Viewpoint Provides Free Trial of Viewpoint Team to Help UK, Ireland Contractors During Pandemic


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Contractors in the UK and Ireland now have the opportunity to access the Viewpoint Team™ solution on a six-month on trial basis.

Recognising the current uncertain business climate the construction industry is operating under as it deals with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Viewpoint UK division is offering a special promotion. Contractors in the United Kingdom and Ireland will have complimentary access to the Viewpoint Team™ solution on a six-month on trial basis.

With the effort, Viewpoint is looking to aid contractors by providing a common data environment (CDE) for project collaboration and documentation. The cloud-based Viewpoint Team solution allows contractors to pull their entire project teams together in a collaborative, online solution to manage project processes, documents, workflows and communications.

By driving additional adoption of cloud-based construction management solutions amongst small-to-medium contractors, subcontractors and homebuilders, Viewpoint aims to help contractors transform their operations and be more agile to ensure continued business continuity — even during significant business disruptions.

Overcoming Typical Challenges

Pile of Paper in Office
By moving to a cloud-based collaborative solution, contractors can drastically reduce reliance on manual processes like paper.

Small-to-medium contractors, as well as subcontractors and homebuilders tend to underinvest in technology and are therefore heavily manual with paper, spreadsheets and email based processes. The lack of digital processes when managing project operations and the field can lead to several inefficiencies.

Information silos proliferate which means time and energy is consumed in searching for data and information. Not having the most recent information can also lead to rework as subcontractors are working off old versions of documents or drawings. Without clear visibility on status of tasks and associated stakeholders within projects there is a risk of delays as it’s not immediately clear which person or party is the cause. As well as this increased costs occur from not having a centralized audit trail of documents, correspondence and approvals which can result in double handling and manual entry of data into one or more systems.

The Benefits of Viewpoint Team

A Screenshot of Viewpoint Team on a tablet.
Viewpoint Team provides a common data environment for entire project teams to work from.

Viewpoint Team is cloud based web and mobile common data environment for construction site and project management. Viewpoint Team was developed specifically to offer an entry point into the CDE market for small-to-medium contractors, subcontractors and housebuilders. Viewpoint Team offers easy-to-use and secure digital processes for greater control, visibility, productivity and profitability.

With Viewpoint Team contractors can finally replace paper and spreadsheets with a digital CDE for one version of project data truth, which can be accessed by verified users anytime, anywhere. Having all documents stored in the CDE gives contractors a complete audit history and system of record in the event of ligation or dispute. Viewpoint Team enables consistent processes, reporting and information structures across projects. The added control of a CDE provides added visibility for contractors to effectively manage workflows and open tasks.

A Visual of Viewpoint Team on a Mobile Device
Designed for mobile devices, Viewpoint Team extends access to critical data to the field level.

Viewpoint Team can also play an integral part in reducing rework as contractors have fast access to up-to-date project data, information, documents and drawings. Therefore, there is less chance of duplicated work and no version conflicts which can lead to errors. The CDE enables real-time collaboration, improving contractors’ productivity rates.

A Look at What Viewpoint Team Can Help You Do:

For more information about Viewpoint Team and to learn more about this exclusive offer visit the Viewpoint website, or please email: [email protected]

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