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How Technology is Putting the Right Project Management Tools in Contractors’ Hands


Today's leading contractors work best with digitized, integrated project management workflows.

Having the right project management tools in place is a must for every construction team. For generations, project managers operated with paper forms and pens (or pencils), large blueprints and spec sheets, calculators, and later with spreadsheets. While some contractors today are still using these rudimentary tools, most have adopted the newer forms of project management tools and technologies as they became available. 

The Challenge of Disconnected Project Management Tools

Contractors still relying on paper-based processes are finding they're at a disadvantage compared to contractors utilizing modern project management tools.

Project managers have also been faced with issues when it comes to project invoices and financials. When spending money on equipment, materials and labor, it is important for project managers to have the tools to see the job cost daily. With disconnected software this is not available in a timely manner and with a lack of visibility, construction project managers often find themselves over budget. This in turn creates problems for other departments, particularly for executives as they work to make decisions for the company and are limited in their ability to understand the complete financial picture.

Realizing this disconnect, several third-party project management software vendors have made moves to connect their systems with accounting, ERP and other construction software — including Viewpoint’s solutions., However, these separate systems — even when connected via APIs — never work as smoothly as one may think. Due to inconsistent mapping issues and manual data processes, more is lost than gained. And, while these applications claim they can integrate seamlessly with Viewpoint’s solutions, that integration often only occurs one way, meaning project managers and field teams still struggle with getting timely, accurate financial data when they need it, plus manual entry is needed to keep separate systems in sync.

Achieving A Single Source of Project Management Truth

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The cloud-based, integrated construction solutions of the ViewpointOne suite provides connects the office, field and extended project team for more accurate, timely data and decision-making ability.

The answer lies with cloud-based, integrated construction software. With our ViewpointOne suite of connected construction solutions for instance, both the back office and project managers have access to all of the real-time project management information and workflow they need to get the job done.

We know that submittals, RFIs, daily logs, forms, and so many other processes are at the top of every project manager’s list of needs when it comes to operations software. To give project managers these tools, Viewpoint Team, the ViewpointOne suite’s collaborative project management solution, provides contractors and their extended project teams with a single access point for project data, and the workflows that tie together the field and office.

Viewpoint also recognizes the need for project managers to have the tools to manage subcontractors, complete purchase and change orders, as well as access project billing and cost controls. With Viewpoint’s operations application, construction project managers are provided the tools they need to manage the financial side of the project as well, including accurate job cost projections and WIP reports. With Viewpoint’s field tools, crews and subcontractors also have the opportunity to truly work in a mobile environment.

They can access up-to-date documentation and information, gather vital project data like labor, equipment and materials in the field and automatically sync with the back to the office.

As project management tools have greatly evolved over the past several years, the benefits of an integrated software system have become obvious. The integrated functionality of a single, integrated software suite means contractors can work faster and smarter, building higher-quality projects that are ultimately more profitable. To learn more about how Viewpoint can provide your project managers with the tools they need to get the job done, contact us here.

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