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Remove Paper Processes and Streamline Construction Human Resources

We get it. You’re busy. Human resource teams in the construction industry have to manage everything—from finding and hiring new talent to making sure benefit material is up-to-date to assuring that every employee has access to training documents and so much more. With the construction labor shortage impacting the industry, construction HR professionals need to prioritize finding new employees while juggling current organizational needs. How do you do it all?

Right now, many organizations are using manual processes such as email, spreadsheets and even sticky notes to keep track of everything that needs to be completed and updated. This leads to duplication, errors, forgotten items or bottlenecks in the process — employees believe it is up to HR to keep track and update their information, but HR doesn’t know when that information becomes outdated and they don’t have time or resources to change data quickly and effectively.

A Proper, Construction-Focused HR Management Solution Can Help

Our recent Take 15 Webinar, Empowering Employees to Manage Their Personal Data discusses ways to streamline HR workflows by empowering employees to log into the secure, cloud-based Viewpoint HR Management portal (an extension of Viewpoint’s fully-integrated Vista construction enterprise resource planning solution). They can easily log in, see information that is outdated and can make changes in real time.

Employees can help remove manual processes by viewing and securely entering their own information into HR Management — so HR doesn’t have to. Employees can:

  • View and print paycheck stubs
  • Update benefit(s) information
  • Schedule time off
  • View company holidays
  • Submit expense reports
  • Complete training materials
  • Review compensation summary reports including 1099-C forms Items, such as expense reports and time off get routed to HR and a manager for approval if needed. Forms that need employee verification can be electronically signed.

Attacking the Construction Labor Shortage Head On

Employees can easily request time off in the HR Management portal

It can be a challenge to find talented, long-term employees in any industry, but in construction, it’s even harder. The recession triggered more than a decade ago left its mark on the industry, as many skilled workers laid off during the downturn left to take jobs in other industries. Few have returned, and the younger generations of workers entering the workforce generally have more interest in blazing tech company trails than hoisting hammers and nails.

That said, the past few years have seen contractors transform their own operations through technology and are starting to lure some younger workers back through cool tech-aided construction solutions in the field and streamlined management systems in the back office. And forward-thinking contractors know that making an impression on tech-savvy professionals starts with the hiring process.

New hire and applicant portal in HR Management

Having an online and intuitive applicant portal — like those provided in Viewpoint HR Management — that streamlines and simplifies the processes of applying at companies is a great first impression. For construction HR teams too, the portal provides detailed applicant tracking and helps remove the manual leg work and mistakes that occur because of communication breakdown — such as back and forth emails and using spreadsheets for tracking.

With HR Management, new jobs can be posted directly into the portal. Applicants submit resumes and fill out applications online. Tracking happens in HR Management, not a spreadsheet. HR doesn’t have to manually track and update candidate information—speeding up the hiring process without the usual bottlenecks.

Want to learn more about how to empower employees to help streamline Human Resources in your construction organization? Contact us and we’ll show you how Vista and Viewpoint HR Management can help your organization save time, stress and hire new talent quickly.

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