Putting Paper in Its Place


Paper and construction do not mix. Why? Because construction deals with projects that are larger than life with a thousand moving parts and paper simply can’t keep up. There was a time when paper was the way to go for managing documents, RFIs, submittals and processes like payroll, time-off requests and job costing. But those days are over. By removing paper and manual entry from day-to-day processes, contractors can save significant amounts of time and money (just check out our blog post on 7 ways for contractors to save money).

You may be thinking to yourself, “but with automated workflows for construction management, what will I do with all of this paper I have laying around?”

Don’t fret! You can still put all that paper to good use in ways that won’t slow down your construction projects. Here are nine ways to use paper for better things than construction management:

1. Paper Airplanes

Are you familiar with this paper airplanes short film? If not, you should definitely watch it. But video aside, making paper airplanes is a great way to feel like a kid again. Hold a flight contest and see whose airplane goes the farthest!

2. Take up Origami or Sketching

With the time you’ll be saving getting rid of manual construction management processes, you might just have time to take up a new hobby! Origami and sketching are both great ways to use paper as a creative outlet, not to slow you down at work.

3. Love Notes

Keep the romance in your relationship alive and put that paper to good use by taking the extra step to create a handwritten note for your significant other. They will love it, plus you’ll use up the extra paper laying around!

4. Write a Letter to your Grandma

Because no one should be using paper anymore besides your grandmother, why not put that old stuff to use and write her a letter catching her up on your life and the new cool ways you are using software to improve your workflows. Or just tell her about the stuff she really cares about — your love life.

5. Gift Wrapping

Out of wrapping paper and running late to your kid’s friend’s birthday party? BAM! Use some regular old printer or graph paper to wrap a uniquely packaged gift. You may have formerly used it to record time cards or print out documents, but you don’t have to anymore.

6. Stress Relief Shredding

Let’s face it. Sometimes you need a way to relieve stress that doesn’t involve damaging property. A great way to let that tension go is shredding paper. Either with your hands or with a shredding machine. Both are equally as satisfying, so knock yourself out.

7. Make a Hat or Sailboat

The list of things you can make out of paper is almost endless — here are a few ideas that your kids will love! Plus, since you won’t be spending your whole day on manual paper processes anymore, you’ll get home early enough to hang out with your kids and have time to make these fun paper creations.

8. Craft a Paper Fan

Every office has someone who is always cold. That person will repeatedly sneak up to the thermostat and flip that thing to 80. As a result, the remaining folks who have normal body temperatures are left to sweat. You could be the office hero by creating paper fans to help manage the heat! Just grab some paper, fold it “accordion style” and voila!

9. Send a Breakup Note to Your Old Software Provider that Forced You to Use Paper to Fix Your Disjointed Processes

If you’re still having to rely on paper for construction management, then your ERP provider is not serving you well. Use that excess paper to write them a breakup letter before you begin your search for software that will eliminate all of your manual, paper processes so that you can start using paper for better things, like the ones on this list.

How do you plan to use up excess paper after automating your workflows? Let us know by tweeting at us using our handle: @viewpointcs

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