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The Interconnected Construction Organization — Part 2: The Benefits of Integrated Construction Software in the Cloud


Integrated software can make workflows easier for contractors in both the office and the field.

Imagine a construction work environment void of the frustration that comes with paperwork, outdated data, disconnected software solutions and the inability to effectively collaborate. Erasing those frustrations requires change — a transformation that leverages the power of modern technologies like the cloud and integrated software platforms that replace inferior construction processes.

With cloud-based, integrated software, automated workflows replace pen, paper and redundant data entry into multiple systems. Collaborative tools that pull together entire project teams with the same set of real-time data replace reliance on email, faxes, phone calls and multiple trips between the office and field. New capabilities like in-depth business intelligence and intuitive web applications that streamline work at the jobsite are powered by a cloud-based technology foundation that allows contractors to scale their operations today and tomorrow.

The Value of Construction Integration

The true value of integration gets measured both tangibly and intangibly. As efficiency rises, so does team moral. When project teams and workers can access data and trust it is up to date, they can make quality in-the-field decisions. Using software that allows for real-time collaboration, questions get answered quickly, fewer mistakes are made and work is completed quicker, ensuring that projects are more profitable.

Every single benefit of integrated construction software comes with a cascade of rewards, all working together to create a new environment of efficiency. Integrating software provides an opportunity to tie an entire organization together, upgrading the workflow of all departments. Instead of putting a focus on single-need improvements for individual departments, a connected software platform, such as those offered under the ViewpointOne suite of solutions, provide contractors with limitless opportunities to improve the way they operate.

Among them: data is more visible across the organization, and more transparent and actionable. By working with and sharing data in real time, there’s no more waiting until a project manager drives back to the office to enter information that impacts other departments and functions. And, teams in the field can access project data direct from mobile devices instead of calling into the office and asking for specific numbers or documentation. This improves collaboration and keeps work moving. These cloud-based, connected systems also automate many processes, reducing time spent across all departments re-entering data or trying to compare data from different systems. And, whether it’s the executive team that needs quick reports or field workers that need to see their personal documents or project dashboards, modern, integrated construction software allows professionals to easily self-serve to get relevant information, in formats they understand.

The flexibility of the right software solutions can also allow users to bundle the functionality they need and scale the software to meet organizational demands for today and tomorrow. This maximizes company’s software investments and creates further efficiencies by tailoring to specific construction needs.

Construction firms that choose to remain tied to the old ways of operating will miss out on the value in the efficiency that modern construction solutions provide. In addition to maintaining stagnant work environments that put added stress and strain on workers, the inability to meet modern demands, timelines and efficiencies for clients will ultimately put companies at a disadvantage against their more modern peers utilizing cloud-based, connected software.

See the cost of a disconnected jobsite in this interactive infographic.

One Construction Solution, One Trusted Vendor, One Heightened Experience

ViewpointOne provides the flexibility of choosing a complete construction ERP system and pairing it with a collaborative document and project management solution and a host of cloud-based tools to improve both back office and field processes. “The fact that Viewpoint is construction-focused and aligned with our culture of innovation and improvement really set them apart,” said Darius Chingon, CFO of Westcon Inc.

ViewpointOne touches each specific role within a construction organization. Here’s a look at how:

Owner/Executive Team: Cloud delivery ensures accurate, easy-to-integrate data and automated workflows to dramatically boost productivity, while providing unparalleled organizational security. Advanced data analytic and business intelligence solutions provide an in-depth look at project performance for real-time decisions. The integrated system removes the need for costly add-ons and a flexible license model places the owner in control of their software.

Finance and Accounting: ViewpointOne streamlines and simplifies payroll, billing and vendor payment process while offering in-depth cash flow tracking and project reporting. The software provides high visibility into product and business performance while eliminating reentry of information. Cloud-based accessibility removes the delays in processing data, payments, billings and reporting and the automated system allows for the routing of accurate information to other departments. The financial team can bill quicker, get paid faster and keep cash flow on projects fluid, all while saving time.

HR and Payroll: Online portals streamline the recruiting and onboarding processes, and allow for employees to upload time, request time off and manage documents and more. The integrated software also delivers transparent knowledge of labor and production data, real-time collection and processing of time electronically from the field simplifies and improves payroll processes.

IT: Integrated, cloud-based solutions remove the burden of maintaining on-premise software and hosting, while digitizing the construction organization and removing paperwork. Secure data backup with automatic updates provide a high-level of security for the organizationwhile still extending data accessibility beyond the office via mobile devices. And when software updates occur, they are automatic rather than requiring IT teams to manually update workstations throughout the organization.

Operations and Project Management: Collaboration across the entire project team improves through a single platform to effectively manage RFIs, submittals, project drawings, documentation, daily logs and much more. By working with real-time project information where the work is taking place rather than the back office, operations professionals gain better project insight and can focus on the work at hand instead of the process.

Field Operations: Field teams have the latest information from the office and can easily collect jobsite data and perform tasks such as punch lists, daily logs, site and safety inspections and capturing labor time. The ability to create field POs or requisition materials from inventory removes project delays, and real-time equipment and material tracking keep teams — and projects efficient and costs down.

Service Management: Integrated software helps bring service contracts into the digital age with intuitive dashboards and automated workflows to ensure contracts are maintained and can be easily renewed. The real-time data allows dispatch of technicians with ease, offers intuitive work order management and tracking and empowers service and electrical technicians to serve as their own managers in the field.

Moving to one connected construction management platform solves a lot of pain points that modern-day contractors face. Of course, that platform needs to be backed by a trusted technology provider that clients can work directly with from day one. With more than 40-years invested in construction technology and continually reinvesting and improving its solutions with the latest advancing technologies, Viewpoint has amassed more than 8,000 global clients.

“It’s not just software to us, it’s a critical component of how we execute business,” said Jeff Hanson, CEO of Adolfson & Peterson Construction. “Viewpoint is a trusted member of the organization and part of the fabric of what we do every single day.”

To learn more about how ViewpointOne and other Viewpoint solutions can help save your organization from the avalanche of disconnected data, contact us today!

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